Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Being Black On Halloween If You Were In My 5th Grade Class.

Mrs Mantini was full of shit.

She was my 5th grade teacher. There was one black kid in my class. Richard B.

And so on Halloween he dressed up as a dinner table. You've probably seen the costume. You put like a big old piece of cardboard around your head (with your head being the centerpiece). Then you tape paper plates and silverware around the plate.

That's what Richard B did. And he wore a lone ranger mask. And oh yeah, he was black.

So when it came time for Mrs Mantini to guess who everyone was, he was like the 3rd last to get picked. She was like, "Are you Paul Lambert? No? Hmmm. Lets see...are you Kurt Martila?..No? Oh this is hard."

COME ON!!! It was so obvious. Everyone was looking at each other like, "Yeeeah right. How can she not know it's Richard?"

Then she finally guessed him and she was all, "OH MY GOD! I had no idea. And what a great costume!"

Yeah right.


Dr Zibbs said...

..and I'm not saying she should have guessed him first but it was so obvious that I'm sure Richard B was pissed.

He later took it out on an abacus made of cheerios. (He smashed it when he got off of the bus)

Jessica said...

Maybe I'll be a dinner table this year in honor of Richard B.

diane said...

At least his costume was home made. Mine were always store bought. I hated being the only kid who's mother didn't take the time to make a costume.
What's an abacus?

Dr Zibbs said...

Jessica - as long as you don't go in black face.

Diane - did I spell abacus wrong. It's a Chinese adding machine.

Son of a Thomas said...

THAT'S why people always figure me out! 41 years of Halloween out the window.

Lorraine said...

Hey! I had a teacher do this to me, except I wasn't even in costume because I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween. =|


Gage1 said...

Mrs. Mantini is SUCH a teacher name.

Anonymous said...

@trinalikeswine I think Rich B's costume rocks...I dressed up like a Q tip one year. Everyone thought I was a tampon.

Cora said...

Mrs Mantini must have thought she was teaching preschool. Only a group of three year olds would be amused by that. Bizarre.

Dominica said...

Maybe Mrs Martini had just 1 too many (martini's) ?? Oh well, no Martini, no party !!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and kids ALWAYS know when adults are full of shit. Whenever I try to trick my neices and nephews into believing something ridiculous, they always give me that 'full of shit' look just before they correct me.

(Little dickens are too smart for their own good.)

Dr Zibbs said...

Madtexter - it's true too.