Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A List of Various Food Stuff You Should Know. Oysters.

“What are Dr Zibb’s thoughts on food?” is a constant question I get when I open letters from the TBY mailbag. Well I’ve made a list for you below.

Print out the list and tape it to your fridge. Memorize it over the next few weeks in case I decide to pop in for a meal.

I’ll probably appear at your kitchen window when you’re doing the dishes. But not in a friendly way like on a sitcom. I’ll make a more memorable showing by waiting until it’s dark, and you’ll look out thinking, “Is…is there something out there?” It’ll be hard to see because of the way the lights in your kitchen make it hard to see outside. When you cautiously put your face on the window I’ll suddenly push my face and the knife I’m wielding to the window while banging on it and scream, “I’M GOING TO KILL YOUUUU!!”

Once you change your underwear, let me into your home and prepare me some of my favorite foods. Here’s the list:

Unusual food I’ve eaten: foie gras, alligator and boar.

Foods I hate: beets, brussel sprouts. But I wish I liked brussel sprouts.

Favorite Sandwiches: Roast Pork from Dinics (Philly) and Luigi and Giovanni’s (Newtown Square, PA), hot roast beef sandwich from Nick’s original roast beef (Philly and Springfield, PA), Corn Beef or Pastrami sandwich from 2nd Avenue Deli (NYC)

Some more foods I love: Gumbo, mac and cheese with lobster, Eggs Benedict, gulf shrimp but it has to be super fresh. Why is it so hard to find great shrimp anymore?

Favorite cut of meat: Rib Eye.

Foods I like but then as I’m eating it sometimes I think, “Do I really like this?”: Oysters and asparagus.

Favorite dessert: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Like a choc and PB pie.

Best Meal I’ve ever had: (Believe it or not it was local) Blackened Tuna with crawfish au gratin on top at the High Street Café. It was a special but I used to call after that and get it as takeout.

Foods that I wish I could find in Chester County but can’t: Great Pizza, Great Bagels.

Snacky foods I love: Cashews and feta stuffed olives. And baked brie.

Food I want to learn more about. And by learn I mean eat: Cheeses and cured meats.


Dr Zibbs said...

Yeah and uh... pork belly in a bourbon sauce is something else that I had recently that was super tasty.

Unknown said...

All your food choices sound so fancy! I second guess whether I like asparagus as I pee after consuming he delicacy. I can't believe I wrote that...

Sue Wilkey said...

I LOVE High St Cafe!!! Also - have you tried Harvest? Glen eagle Square by Outback.

and speaking of Outback: Tazzi strips? To die for.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Are you going foodie on us? Just wondering.
BTW, try brussel sprouts with bacon. You just may grow to like them. And yes, I didnt even try them until 6 months ago so I didnt grow up hating them. Thats a lot to overcome.

WTF, I'm talking about brussel sprouts.

Anyway, enjoyed reading more about your "tastes"

sybil law said...

I looove beets AND brussels sprouts. And cheese. And steak.
Everything on your list is good, except oysters. No effing way. Tried it, and I can suck down fried snot on my own, when I have a bad cold.

Trooper Thorn said...

What about "Foods you have fashioned into a festive hat"?

Dr Zibbs said...

Trina - Fancy? Roast beef sandwiches? Haha.

Happy Hour Sue - Haven't been to Harvest yet but it's on the list. Have you?

Mad woman - Will try again. Maybe it's how they were prepared.

Sybil - I've heard dat.

Trooper - I've made a spam hat. Not really.

Verdant Earl said...

Is that pork sandwich with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe and lots of juiciness? Maybe some peppers? I saw it on the Food Network or Travel Channel. I want one...right now!

Dr Zibbs said...

Earl - that would be it!

Son of a Thomas said...

Why do you want to like brussel sprouts?

Dr Zibbs said...

Son of a T - Because they look so good.

Mrs. Crotchpains said...

Come with me on a Greenwich Village food tour. Lots of cheeses and meats to try.....Murray's Cheese Shop, family owned Italian delis, olive oil store...Ahhhh-may favorite foodie place

Dr Zibbs said...

Mrs Crotchpains - I would love to! Leave Mr Crotch at home. know what I mean.

Mrs. Crotchpains said...

Oh I know what you mean.