Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buddy's Burgers In West Chester And Exton Gets A Review

It’s official. I will now declare my favorite cheeseburger anywhere. It goes to Buddy’s Burgers, Breasts and Fries. Located in West Chester, PA and Exton, PA. Note picture above that really doesn’t highlight it’s deliciousness too well. Oh well. You’re gonna have to live with it.

And did you ever notice that some people never declare their favorite foods? I do.

And trust me. I’ve had burgers all over the place. I guess what makes this cheeseburger the best is that not only is the meat fresh (not frozen. I may be making this up) but the veggies are always super fresh. Especially the lettuce. Nice and crisp.

Also, the bun is covered with sesame seeds*. Which I love.

It’s even better than Five Guys Burgers.

Here are the toppings I get on mine: bacon, American chee, lettuce, onion, tomater, pickles (the pickles are quarter inch thick deli pickles), ketchup and mustard.

Oh. And I just read some reviews and avocado is included as a free topping. Which I never knew. So next time I’ll be getting that on top too.

So there you go.

*I had a discussion with the owner once and he said they tried a variety of different buns until the found the right one. (Look at me going all investigative journalist on his ass)


Johnson said...

Some people most certainly do declare their favourite foods. Check out my review of Champ Burger.
Key: Thin sliced kosher dill pickles. know, if you're ever in Ontario, we can compare notes.
I'll be sure to check out Buddy's if I ever find myself in PA.

Gage1 said...

they sure do have mighty fine looking buns!

Dr Zibbs said...

Johnson - I will check that out. And indeed.

TC - nice. Nice.

CrotchPains said...

Great Zibbs. Just keep chompin' them burgers a scarfing them fries...try fruit some time just for kicks.

sybil law said...

I fucking LOVE a good burger. I have a few local faves. 5 Guys is overrated.

Dr Zibbs said...

Crotch - I don't like your tone/

Sybil - I heard DAT!