Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is That What I Sound Like During Nightmares? Deaf People. Pears.

I was having a nightmare the other night. It was one of those nightmares where you're halfway asleep and halfway awake. In it, there was a possessed person in my room. It was probably from watching this trailer.

So in the nightmare I knew somehow that if he admitted who he was and I ordered the demon to leave he wouldn't kill me. Kind of like the opposite of letting a vampire in your house. So I'm yelling, "Who are you?" But for some reason when I yell in my sleep it comes out sounding like how deaf people talk so I'm yelling, "OOOOO RRRR OOOOO?


Then I yelled "Get the hell out of my room" which came out as "Eeee A ELLLLL OW UH I OOOOO!"

Then I woke up.

And had a dream last night of this pear shaped girl I used to work with. She was really nice but not attractive at all. And she called me up and said, "Hey Jim I thought we'd hang out then we can go back to my moms house and you can sleep over. She said it was OK."

And I say "OK" thinking we were just going to be going as friends. But then she says, "I'm so glad that I found out that you're getting divorced so we could go out."

And then I was in a panic mode because there was no way I wanted to go out with her but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. In this case I did NOT wake up screaming, "I OT ATTWACTID OOO PEARS!*"

And this is the second dream I've had like this. I think it's because I've been separated for a few months and I'm getting divorced. Or that maybe I like pears? I'm not sure.

*interpretation: I'm not attracted to pears.


sybil law said...



Dr Zibbs said...

Ibil - add oo ikke is ost! (Glad you like this post)

W.C.Camp said...

I was going to say you are in some serious need of 'pears' but since you are attracted to slimmer profiled foods I suggest you start dreaming about 'String Beans'!! W.C.C.

Dr Zibbs said...

WC - I do like the string bean shape better. But not tooooo string beany!

Cora said...

Oh Zibbs, I'm so sorry about the divorce and all the shit that goes along with it. It can feel like the whole universe sucks, but it does get better, I swear.

Scope said...

First off, sorry to hear about the pending divorce. I thought that something may have been going on a while back. Sorry that my fears were confirmed.

And I think instead of pears, your banana need to focus on some peaches. :-)

Dr Zibbs said...

Cora and Scope - thanks. It's for the best. Already happier.