Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beer Choices In The 80's. Slim Pickins. Mickey's Malt Liquor.

Remember that beer you see above? Mickey's with the wide mouth? Malt Liquor really but still.

That was one of the few beer choices back in the early eighties. To tell you the truth Mickey's was just a novelty because of the wide mouth but here are the others that were the basic six pack beers. Let me know if I'm missing any....

Miller (the champagne of beers) - We'd sometimes get the pony size.

Bud - Never a fan of.

Michelob - this was a bit pricier but was pretty smooth. Remember pulling the loop off of the label? And if it didn't cut the words off it was good luck or some shit? Jerome Desmond in 10th grade claimed, "Man, NOBODY gets sick on Michelob. It's the way it's brewed!" Then proceded to puke after having four.

Lowenbrau - One of the few fancy ass imports.

Genesee 12 horse - Gross.

Genesee Cream Ale - King of the diarrhea inducing beers.

Molson - Imported from Candada. Known to get easily skunked.

Moosehead - The moose is friggin' loose! This was my favorite in 12th grade.

Heineken - Pricey back in the day. Always had a weird aftertaste but I'll still get one once and a while for the memories.

I'm sure there are a few others but that was about it folks. (Here in Southeastern PA)


Verdant Earl said...

We drank those plus:
Matts (in beer balls)
Old Milwaukee
and the worst...Hamms


Dr Zibbs said...

Earl - Hamms?? I had the can in my beer can collection when I was younger but never tasted one.

And I used to drink Piel's pounders.

CrotchPains said...

I remember your Moosehead T-shirt that you wore so proudly as a college freshamn. In college, Mrs. CrotchPains and I drove her brother to some beer distributor in Philly to buy about 10 cases of the worst, rot-gut beer you can imagine. Must have been abut $8.00/warm case of cans. He planned on bringing it back and selling it for for a handsome profit. I remember two: Rock-N'-Roll beer and Duke (image of John Wayne) He gave us some as a thank you and it was worse than drinking paint thinner.

Dr Zibbs said...

crotchpains - uh...do we know each other?

Andrea said...

Your beer can collection? Smirk.

Dr Zibbs said...

Andrea- Haha! Shut up dummy! Beer can collecting was huuuuuge when I was in 6th grade!

sybil law said...

Oh - we also had Little kings, which was pretty gross. I actually like Mickey's Big Mouth, as far as shitty beers go. And if I'm not feeling that great but find myself in a drinking situation, I go for Michelob, even now. Actually, I've been so into Jameson, lately, that I haven't been drinking beer.

Scope said...

Our college (late 80's) shitty beers were:
- Black Label
- Natural Light
- Old Style
- Milwaukee's Best a.k.a. - The Beast

But in college, I was an amaretto & diet Coke fan myself.

Anonymous said...

come on Zibby...don't pretend your rumpus room doesn't still have towers of your beer cans lining the paneled walls. ~SoozG

Dr Zibbs said...

Sooz - you're the only other person I know that mentions rumpus rooms!

Dr Zibbs said...

And Scope - Milwaukee's Best...Haha. I forgot about that one!

Chris said...

Our high school beer was Coors but definitely remember Mickey's wide mouths.