Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dream I Had Last Night. Andy Richter and Chris Elliot.

I fell asleep with Conan on last night then woke up in the middle of this dream:

I was at a party and I ran into Andy Richter (who I think is hysterical). We were joking around and then....

Andy: We really should hang out some time. I know we just met but my wife and I have this vacation house and we go almost every weekend with a few people. Why don't you come by?

Me: Sounds good to me. Can I bring a date?

Andy: Sure.

Then all of a sudden Chris Elliot is standing next to him (who I also think he's hysterical)

Chris Elliot: Hey why don't you come to MY vacation house?

Me: (sarcastically) Well it looks like we may have a bidding war on our hands. So what do each of you have to offer?

They both look at me like, "Are you an idiot?" and both start walking away. Andy Richter is heading up an elevator.

Me: OK Andy, maybe I'll just go to the person's house that is closer. Where's YOUR vacation house.

Andy: (Giving me the look of "F You") Wisconsin.



Dr Zibbs said...

And note that there's no picture on this post. I'm going to test my theory to see if I get less comments without a picture.

...not that I get many comments anynore but...

From the Mind of a Madman said...

Here's a comment... I really wish you could comment with a picture!! Cause I would with a Chris Elliot one right now! Always loved him.

Dr Zibbs said...

Madman - Yeah he's great. Good interview with him now up on the Mark Maron podcast on Itunes. It's the first time I've ever heard him interviewed.

Kate said...

That sounds like a dream I would have! Though, in my dream, Conan would offer me a visit to his vacation house, too. Those guys are all hysterically funny! You're pretty funny, too. You should have a show.

Dr Zibbs said...

Kate - a show? Thanks! And I haven't heard from you in ages. What up??

diane said...

Never been invited to anyone else's house in a dream, but I did dream that Bruce Willis was living with me and mowed my lawn without a shirt on. ahem.
Love Chris Elliot. Can't believe you asked them who could give you the better offer. Think maybe you're telling yourself to look at your choices with a little more humility.
This dream is right up there with the one you had where your family was having dinner in a department store.

sybil law said...

What a cool dream! I'd totally go to Chris Elliot's house. Wisconsin? Lame.

Dr Zibbs said...

diane - haha you have a better memory than me. I don't remember posting that dream!