Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Pictures For YOU The Reader. Downingtown Regal. Four Dogs Tavern. Creepy Truck.

Look at this guy staring out the window. What kind of dog is that? Some bull doggy thing? Like a mix? What is he thinking?

How do they sell these gumballs at the Downingtown Regal Theater without a law suit? Isn't this a chocking hazard? They're larger than golf balls!!

The Gibson covered bridge in Downingtown. The bridge that time forgot.

Ahh yes. Here we have the French Dip sandwich at Four Dogs Tavern in Marshalton. But I should have asked for regular horseradish instead of the eating the creamy kind that came with it. But $15 is kinda steep. If you're reading this Four Dogs Tavern please lower it to a more reasonable $11. Thanks.
*Tom Petty's "American Girl plays* "No it's there in the back...Just move to the back a bit."*

This is a truck I see around and I was praying that it wasn't some dude's home but I was able to get close to it and look in. It's a work truck. Phew! And from what I could see there wasn't a single human skull inside. Ten bucks says he named this truck. Probably "Woodsy" or "The Annihilator" or some such nonsense.

*Silence of The Lambs reference. Did you know?

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