Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Linda Cardellini Is Hotter Than Ever. Freaks and Geeks. Brunettes Going Blond.

Does anyone else love the show Freaks And Geeks? I do. Above is Linda Cardelinni. She was on the show. She never really did it for me in the looks department. I mean she was OK but I never thought she was THAT hot. But have you seen her lately?

Man has she aged well. Maybe it's the shaped brows and the makeup I'm not sure. But either way....VavaVOOOM! She's 37 by the way.

Now here she is as a blond.....
Whoa. Stunning. Lots of gals can't pull off the blond thing when they're naturally dark brunette but she does it well. I still like her better as a brunette though.

And here she is showing that she still has a sense of humor.....

Oh beeeeeehaaaaaaaveee!!!! I'm not sure where she was speaking when she did this but would love to find out. And I wonder if she hates that this is one of the photos that shows up first in a Google image search. Also, she does have a long tongue. Am I right? 

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Anonymous said...

That was grandma's boy... awesome movie about nothing.