Monday, February 2, 2009

Listen To This Voice Mail - The Sistas On My Snapvine.

Do you want to HEAR something funny? You heard me right. You must listen to my Snapvine recorder now. The message is from Sista #1 and Sista #2 from the blog Holy Crappers. #1 lives in the burbs of Philly and #2 lives in sunny, sunny Florida.

They left me the voice message that you can hear on my Snapvine Recorder (see my sidebar) and I've got to tell you that I sat with a shit grin on my face while I listened to it a few times. Hysterical! It's ego stroking goodness made my day.

I think it's great that they had the courage to leave me - Dr Zibbs - a message. You see, I'm a person just like you. I put my pants on the same way. One leg at a time. Unless I'm doing my imitation of that Brook Shields jean commercial. In that case, I'm on my back and I put both legs in at the same time. But you know what I'm saying.

The Sistas have been around since my early blogging days - June 2008. Before that, there were very few readers. Anyways, check out their message AND their blog. And why don't YOU consider leaving me a voicemail message.


Philly said...

So glad to brighten your day. And I assure you there was no drinking involved while leaving that message.

Glad you enjoyed!!!!


M@ said...

Youtubing Brooke Shields right now....

Chris said...

Hilarious snapvine, landscaping issues and all;)

sista #2 said...

Zibbs....each time I listen to it I pee a little more.

It is the sista's being sista's LOL.

We had a blast and we are so glad you loved it!!


diane said...

How far does this infatuation with Brooke Shields go?
My verification is tonion, I Swear!
As in tea onion,
rhymes with bunion (o.k. maybe that's going a little too far)

Chele said...

That is the funniest message ever. I laughed so hard

Michelle said...

It turns them on!!!!!

Michelle said...


They are very funny those sistas!!!!


dizzy mom said...

Cracked me up! For the record I WOULD rather have the word verification than genital lice. But that's just me.