Friday, February 13, 2009

George Michael, Faith and Cover Songs. Wait. Did I Say Faith Yet?

So my Friday Send Off Song live from Chester County PA is Faith. Since the George Michael versions can't be embedded on my blog, here's a cover that I found on the Youtube from some girl named Reina Del Cid. She's got some chops on her.

And the Friday shout out goes to:

Dedene - a reader from France.

Miss Amy - from the blog Finding Miss Amy.

JadedJ - from Banquet of Consequences.

So if you have faith in this blog, stop back this weekend to see various posts about local things as well as videos I'll be posting in attempt to blatantly get as many hits for my blog as possible using luring titles, content and tags.

175 followers strong.


SkylersDad said...

She is excellent!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

You have WAYYYYYY too much time on your hands!

* She is good tho!

Happy FRIDAY!!

- Jennifer

God I dislike the word verification thing-a-ma-gig
But I understand why you use it!

miss amy said...

She's got some lungs.
BTW..Thanks so much for the shout out.
You made my day!


Dr Zibbs said...

Miss Amy - you're welcome. And thanks for leaving the funny comments on my blog.

jadedj said...

Great song for the 13th.

Thanks again for the shout out...whatever that is.


Bombchell said...

my comp is rejecting vids.

but ill check out the 3 links

~E said...

So I check my blog comments this morning and what did I see but the great Dr. Z, asking me to be his Valentine! I nearly had heart palpitations! I don't celebrate V-day but anything for you Dr. Z...ANYTHING! ;)

p.s. please don't burst my bubble and tell me how many people you actually asked. just let me live in my ignorance :)

Vodka Mom said...

holy crap she is GOOD!!!

very, very good. (nice presence, as well.)

sista #2 said...

I love me some George Michael. I love the Freedom song.
This girl was good. She has me singing.

Behave yourself this weekend.