Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Patty Duke Show And Song Idea For My Chester County Band.

I don't have a band. Yet. But when I do, I'd like to do a cover of The Patty Duke Show theme.

When we tour, I think it would be great to have ugly twins from each city come out and dance while the song plays. I'm talking some really freaky looking twins where you look in horror and ask, "You mean there's TWO of you??

Maybe we'll make fun of them on the big screens that they won't be able to see while they're dancing.

I'm not sure yet. I'll work out that detail after I learn how to play an instrument.


Gwen said...

Weren't you first chair skin flute in high school?

Rachel said...

OMFG. What's wrong with you? Seriously.


~E said...

When you do start your band, can I be the hot asian chic who pretends to play the bass and who lipsyncs a half second too slow so that everyone totally knows that Im a useless member of the band and that Im only there for show but no one really cares cuz c'mon, who doesn't like looking at a hot asian chic with a cool looking bass?

Pretty please?!?!?!

Dale said...

I think this is a brilliant idea. Helping the ugly is something we often forget to do.

Dr Zibbs said...

Rachel - Nothing wrong with me. I'm just special. In a non retarded way.

E - I would love to have an Asian gal in the band.

Anonymous said...
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