Friday, July 6, 2007

License to Wed - the Movie - Top 10 Things that will Probably Happen

It's July 6 and another unfunny movie is now in theaters. It's name, License to Wed. Without actually seeing the film, That Blue Yak's movie man Franklin Yearsley will list his top "supposed to be funny" lines that will probably happen in the movie.

1) Robin William (in Southern accent):
"Y'all in love but this just ain't gonna fly (turns head as if speaking to wife) MAW..GET MY SHOTGUN" (then, big smile and talking in regular accent) I am a kidder.

2) Robin Williams (in feminine, gay accent)
"Honey you want to say 'I Do" but those shoes with that dress is saying 'I don't'. "

3) Fat side kick kid (while rolling eyes):
"The Lord sure does travel in mysterious ways."

4) Jim from the Office (almost cursing but then sees Robin Williams):
"HOLY shhhhh........shammy...holy shimmy..has anyone seen my holy shimmy? I...was about to wash my car."

5) Fat side kick kid:
"I told them (shrugs shoulders) but they never listen"

6) Jim from the Office:
"Is it too late to convert to Judaism?"

7) Jim from the Office
"In the name of the father, son....CHECK PLEASE!"

8) Robin Williams (in John Wayne accents)
"You're gonna meet me at confessional at sun down partner and don't forget to bring you sins."

9) Jim from the Office (in confessional confessing sins for first time but unknowingly talking to fat side kick kid instead of Robin Williams")
"Well, I guess there was that time that I snuck into the Cubs game. Wait, does that count as a sin?

10) Fat side kick kid (hiding in confessional)
"For an angel, I sure do feel like a little devil."

That is all.

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