Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis Smelvis - Look At This Sign That Vernon Made

Yes, it's been 30 years since the death of Elvis, but how many years since father Vernon Presley made this crappy sign? On a recent trip to Graceland we took a picture of this simple sign.

The sign hangs on the garage/shed-like "office" that sits in the backyard of Graceland. What or who inspired Vernon to make this sign? The tone, red letters and capital letters indicate his rage. But the pencil marks that were put in place to keep the letters straight show his patience. The unerased guidelines though indicate sloppiness.

Many questions remain. Why didn't he plan the letters more carefully so they wouldn't be all squished in at the end of the line as seen on the words EMPLOYEES and BUSINESS? How did this dummy make no spelling errors?

Who were the non employee loafers? Were they wondering hillbillies? Delivery men? And how many versions did Vern Presley make of the sign before crumpling it up and starting anew?

Was Vernon Presley tired of sitting at his metal desk and lining up pencils so he was looking for a more important task? We may never know - unless we dig up his body - located about 30 yards away and ask the man . But he would not answer. Because he is dead.

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Jeffrey Schrembs said...

Jeff Schrembs, Elvis Presley Expert and Collector, said:

This article is an insulting spineless "hit piece". Vernon Presley not only handled Elvis' checkbook, and accounts, but every employee "contractor" had to communicate with Vernon as he held the "power of the checkbook".

Furthermore Vernon Presley was listed as the "designated agent" on numerous contracts, and legal agreements, concerning Elvis.

Vernon Presley did not have to "work" but the fact that he got up everyday and went to work, including handling thousands of correspondence with fans, attests to his character.

Just like Vernon Presley had the RIGHT to post this sign, during a date/time/age when there were NO personal computers that readily made signs, this "hit piece" has the right to spew it's insults.

The only difference is that one party brought into the World the GREATEST ENTERTAINER WHO EVER LIVED (i.e. Elvis Presley) - Vernon Presley - and the author of this "piece" has done WHAT exactly?

Nuff said.

Jeff Schrembs