Wednesday, June 4, 2008

West Whiteland Vegetable Garden of Hope Is In The Ground

As promised the THAT BLUE YAK VEGETABLE GARDEN OF HOPE is underway. The West Whiteland Garden will provide the employees of THAT BLUE YAK with something to do on their lunch hour and a local bum some free produce. So far in the ground are:

  1. Lettuce - 2 versions have been planted in succession. The first batch - as seen above - is ready to pick.

  2. Scallions - planted a month ago and ready for picking.

  3. Radishes - planted a month ago and ready in about a week.

  4. Runner Beans -planted a few days ago

  5. Zucchini - (the phallic clown of the vegetable world) -planted.

  6. Bush Pickles - planted mid May.

  7. Tomatoes - 6 varieties

A small "concert" was unenthusiastically performed by a local ("Children of the Corn" Charlie) to celebrate the earth, warn the varmints and announce to Chester County that the kick-ass Garden of Hope is in the soil. Songs performed included Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver" and several selections by Rico Suave and Bel Biv Devoe

The songs performed were SO kick-ass, this deer was seen high tailing it off of the grounds:



Anonymous said...

did the garden of hope survive the storm of doom last night?

Dr Zibbs said...

We were smart enough to purchase a huge shelter dome. The cost was $90,000 but it saved the garden.

John Young said...

You are a man of parts, Zibbs. I respect your garden.