Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And Then He Handed The Bloggers Their New Nicknames

OK, fellow bloggers. This took WAY longer than I thought. As promised, I've come up with your new nicknames. Just like the powerful Oz, I will now present them to you.

And note that I've supplied links to your blogs so hold on to your hats because you're gonna get a crap load of hits today. Feel free to thank me in a blog post. I dare you.

Also, I've learned a bit about you all. You're all greedy as hell. As soon as you heard "free" you came a runnin'. I bet if I announced that I was putting an old sink on my curb at least ten of you would be on your way over here. Anyway, here they are. Some of the names will only make sense to a few people. In some cases - only me. Enjoy.

Jon (Extraneous Kickassery)
"The Floor" (he's an expert at installing floors)
"Hand-J" (short for handsome Jon - or so the ladies tell me)
"Leaper" (he only writes a post every leap year)

Anonymous (Anonymous and Loving It)
"Jel-E-Bub" (jealous because he didn't come up with the Bubble-Up song)
"Sir Stalks-Alot" (he was stalking me last week)

Dmb5_Libra (DMB Does Not Stand For the Dave Matthews Band!)
"Poop Deck Patty" (from your comment in your profile about poop decks)

Holy Crappers - Sista #1 (Holy Crappers)

"Sister Mary Philly" (lives in Philly)

M in SF (Insert Witty Title Here)
"Tub-A-No" (because she hates fat kids)

Poobomber (The Other Side Of Normal)
"Fecal Fling Frank"
"Y-Pages" (he writes more posts than there are ads in the yellow pages)

Kimmie (KinDeC)
"Noodle Locks" (because she loves to cook and has blond, curly hair)

J Hi - (Jigsaw: Pieces Of My Life)
"Lemon Lippy", or "Tart-si" (look at her avatar)

The Imaginary Reviewer (The Imaginary Review)
"The Unicorn Whisperer" (get it? ...imaginary?)
"Ole' English Toof" (you know the British and their careless ways with a toothbrush)

Mathdude (Eating Chicken Vindaloo)
"Protractus" (probably Latin for a protractor)

Gwen (Everything I Like Causes Cancer)
"Magna-Nipple" or "Sammy Nipple Jr" (you know - with her one nipple that goes the other way. See her blog for the amazing details).

Blood Red Roses (Everything's Temporary)
"Polka Pam" (her profile says her favorite music is "anything and everything")

Red (Ginger Is the Watchword)
"Skipper, now rub the lotions on my butt" (I know it's long but it's they only Gilligan's Island reference that's coming to me. Now the stretch of a joke here is that the Skipper and Gilligan are participating in some homosexual behavior with lotions and if they're on the lookout in case Ginger comes snooping around...get it?..OK shut up!).

Get Kristi Love (Two Minutes In The Box)
"Pucky" (Loves hockey)

B.E.Earl (Bug Eyed Blog)
"The Earl of Bugs"

Whiskey Marie (Whiskey Marie)
"Bourbon Boob-A-Licious"

Step Right Up (Warped Viewing of My Mind)

"Stool" (used when you want to "step right up")

Mike (Brown Cotton and Red Sox)

"Matt" (sounds similar to Mike) or "The Poor Man's Jon" (because I've heard him and Jon are twins)

Smoochies (I Have Nothing To Say About That)

"Breath-A Lisa" (Almost got busted at sobriety check point in Downingtown.

The Indefatigable MJenk (A Crown of Thistles)

"Test-ees" or "Test-ees Tim" (because he claims to be in the field of chemistry)

Beckeye (The Pop Eye)

"Tubes" (because she reviews things on the tube - among other pop culture suff).

MnMom (Happy To BE From Iowa)

"Compass" (Because her name is Minnesota Mom but her blog is "Happy To Be from Iowa)

Jennifer and Sandy (Minnesota Vs. Texas - Bloggin' Through Life One Goat At A Time)

"Mary, Terry and Carrie" (one more name but easier to remember)

Ask Alice (Alice in Average Land)

"The Canadian Fox" or "Mag-Dum" (because she attracts "dummies" like a "magnet" - the dummy being her friend Blondie)

Ms Florida Transplant (Just a girl....And her dogs)

"BamBlorida" (Big beautiful eyes like a deer and lives in Florida)

Fancy Schmancy (Fancy Schmancy)

"Prancy Nancy from Delancy" (rhymes with original name)

Urban Blond In The Burbs (Urban Blond In The Burbs)


Some Guy (And Some Guys Blog)

"Ribs McCoy" (see his rib eating video on Youtube)

Falwless - (Lots Better Then Your Blog)

Soul-less (literally - has no soul)

Vodka Mom (I Need A Martini Mom)

"Ruskareena" (You know - how the Russians love vodka)

Enc (Observation Mode)

"Fash-Ano" (has a great fashion blog)

The End.


Anonymous said...

Can we adopt these names? I'm quite fond of mine, haha!

Dr Zibbs said...

Poobomber I was waiting for someone to ask me that and yes...and here comes the good part - You can use them FOR FREE! It's just my way of saying thank you.

Jon said...

My blog is often referred to as The Floor, because I've lowered the bar pretty much as far as it will go. Metaphorically, of course.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you your majesty...I mean your excellency...I mean your wizardry!"

Lion. He had Noodle Locks too :)

Red said...

Wow. Mine makes zero sense. So apropos.

Thanks, Dr. Z!

Some Guy said...

Mine is super-cool! I knew filming myself eating ribs would pay off big time some day.

Verdant Earl said...

The Earl of Bugs thanks you.


Mwah-ha-ha, urm, ha.

katrocket said...

Those are hilarious - well worth all the thought you put into them. Did anyone give YOU a nickname? I'd like to suggest "MC Redubber".

Gwen said...

Continuing with my recent 70s love song theme/obsession, I will now quote America, "Oz never did give nothing to The Tin Man that he didn't already have."

By this logic, Zibba Zabba, you are greater and more powerful than The Wizard because you gave me not one, but two (2!) nicknames I've never had.

I like Sammy Nipple, Jr. best - the candyman can, you know.

Falwless said...

I don't like mine.


Renaissance Woman said...

Love the new names!

Dr Zibbs said...

Red - you see with Gilligan..Oh nevermind.
Katrocket - MCRedubber? Catchy.
Falwless - think of it like a girdle. Uncomfortable at first but then you can't live with out it.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I agree with Soul-less, I mean Fally. Altho, I truly appreciate that you were much kinder to me.

I kinda like Lame-o Waymo for you. It rhymes, too. (and it's better than that time I called you a douche bag, right?) What do you think?

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I like mine and shall be adopting them forthwith. "The Imaginary Reviewer: Whispering to Unicorns Since 1980"

Smoochies said...

Thanks Zibbs. I'll be forever remembered for my careless drinking habits.

Smoochies said...

At least is wasn't for the knitting circle.

Smoochies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said...

Fash-Ano says: I love my new name!

Thanks, Zibbo.

Micgar said...

can I have a funny free blog name too! come on! "and then he linked to c3..."

BeckEye said...

Dammit, I wanted to be Ribs McCoy.

I think MJenks and I should get together for a sitcom, "Testees and Tubes."

I'll talk to ya later. Don't wanna hear it again tonight. (Tubes reference. Get it??)

Dr Zibbs said...

MicGar - You've been added to the blogroll. Use your 30 day grace period wisely.
Beckeye - Do you remember the Tubes as guest stars on SCTV? Classic.

Chele said...

great OZ, I do believe I left a comment on your blog before. I do read, dont always comment.
I will leave a comment everyday for the next week.

Creepy said...

Awww, I want a nickname. :0(

Dr Zibbs said...

Chele - sorry I missed your comment before. I love you blog. It's probably the only overseas blog that I follow.
Creepy - welcome. Your name shall be: "Trip-F" (Fickle Finger of Fate)

Jennifer and Sandi said...


- Mary, Terry, Carrie & Jennifer

dmb5_libra said...

sweet! thank you :)

BloodRedRoses said...

Love. It.

Mnmom said...

Wonderful!! I spit out my coffee in a hysterical fit of nickname approval.

Dr Zibbs said...

Glad you all like your names. You're. Welcome.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Ooops rude of me!!


- Mary, Terry, Carrie & Jennifer

Anonymous said...

you are a genius. and thank you for noticing my strong hatred for those fatties.

Whiskeymarie said...

How did I forget to comment on this?
I love my nickname. Now I'll have yet another reason to work my boobs into conversations- thanks!

Dr Zibbs said...

M in SF - we share that bond.
WM - go for it.


I like that you kept the "H" silent. I'm off to season the neighborhood.

J. Hi said...

Thank you Zibbs, I love my nicknames. And I am feeling so Tart-si today. Kisses!

ÄsK AliCë said...

Late to the party again I see...

I love the're fucking hilarious

Jessica said...

Love it.