Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Just Got Yelled At By A Carny!

Once and a while I'll get a comment on a blog post that I wrote a long time ago. For example I wrote a post about these dancers that were on Soul Train and how one of the dancers look all nervous and shit?...Well the actual dancer left a message saying he was NOT nervous.

So this weekend I got a comment on one of my favorite blog posts. It's called Top 10 Things I Need to Know About Carny Housing. To read the post click here.

Did you see the comment at the very end? Yup. That's one pissed off Carny. Here's the comment in case you want to read it again:

Hi, im a South African that got recruited to work and travel in America for a carnival over 8 months. We are the biggest carnival company called North American Midway Entertainment. Yes those are what out bunks look like. Most of us come from farms or cities just like u do. Ordinary people exploring a new country. We are hundreds of employees from different countries. Ever wonder how those rides get set up and torn down every week? We are not filthy animals living in a shoe box. We take pride in ourselves and what we do. Of course u get the dodgy few but u do in almost every work place. And about the gypseys, there are none. When last have u been to a carnival? Do u eat at a carnival? Why buy food from stinky dirty carnies? Your all so ignorant its pathetic

Not too shabby huh? And only a few errors. But it did make me feel a bit bad. And I have a feeling he actually hates gypsies.


Scope said...

I've watched an episode of something called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" and most of them prefered to be called "Irish Travelers".

And watch out for that carney, I think he's gonna shank you!

sybil law said...

So funny! I have a friend who's a carny - he's one of the best drummers, and he plays for the band. Seriously. Also, he hooked up with one of the acrobatic chicks, so it can't be all bad!
Carny folks are funny.

Dr Zibbs said...

Sybil - Sweet.

Chris said...

Weird. All the Africans that contact me are offering all kinds of cash from invoicing errors, probate issues, and governmental collapses. Seems like he wouldn't have to take work on the carnival with all that cash he must have on hand. Just sayin'.