Sunday, January 22, 2012

Check Her Out Getting Spunky At The Beginning. ABBA.

Check out my girl (the blond one) getting all spunky and kicking her legs out at the beginning of the song Waterloo. This was their classic performance at Momarkedet. You know Momarkedet? Yeah you do. That famous Norwegian show Momarkedet?

Yeah. You do.

And check out those cat shirts. What the?

I will hand it to ABBA though. I saw a show on them and they barely knew what they were singing. OK I gotta go so enjoy. Leave your thoughts and reflections in the comments area.


sybil law said...

I think those are cat dresses. Maybe originally shirts, though.
ABBA. Holy crap.

Furtheron said...

Were ABBA that big in the USA? They were ridiculous in Europe at one point they were Sweden's biggest export earner... bigger than the entire Volvo operation!

In fact there is a tribute act BjornAgain that play regularly on the UK scene, including heavy metal festivals!

Gage1 said...

I LOVE Momarkedet!!!! Those acid cat shirts are pretty rad but the big white boots on Bjorn or whatever his name is are pretty much show stealers!

Kelly Robinson said...

I love that those shirts have their names on the back. Wouldn't want to mix up your sparkly cat shirt-dresses.

Dr Zibbs said...

Furtheron - They were big. And interesting facts.

TC - Momarkedet. Are you making up that you've heard of that? I was.

Gage1 said...

I'll never tell.