Thursday, November 16, 2006

Clooney's "Sexiest Man Alive" Title Sparks Fury with Ohio Operations Manager

George Clooney's "Sexiest Man Alive" title may be in jeopardy once Ted Fulton's well written complaint letter arrives at the offices of PEOPLE MAGAZINE. Mr Fulton may be a Hollywood unknown, but in the world of operational managers in the packaging field in Ohio and parts of eastern Indiana, Mr Fulton is pretty popular.

George Clooney

Ted Fulton
3rd row, 9th from left

According to Fulton, "This People Sexiest Man Alive thing is rigged. It's more than a little odd that every year a celebrity wins. I've been submitting my photograph and qualifications for 16 years now - it's pretty obvious what's happening here. "

George and wife Maryanne are pretty confident that once their letter is received by PEOPLE, the Clooney decision will not only be overturned, but there will also be some major staff changes at the publication.

"I hate to be overly confident, but George has a real knack for getting results with his well crafted letters. I have to hand it to him, in 1972 he drafted a letter to Post Cereal about the need for a cereal that is corn AND oat based. About a year later, they come out with the Honeycombs cereal. Do you know the type of persuasiveness that's required to get a consumer giant like POST to launch a new product?"

While they wait for a response from PEOPLE, Fulton will continue to "do pec work" and practice his come hither stare in preparation for his upcoming photo shoot.

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