Monday, November 20, 2006

Michael "Kramer" Richards spews racial slurs on stage - Jesse Jackson calls for comedy club reform

Michael Richards (ie. Seinfeld's Kramer) is in deep trouble with Jesse Jackson. The former Seinfeld star, after receiving heckles from a group of African American audience members while performing at a comedy club, fought back by hurling racial slurs at the group.

The incident, which took place on stage at a Hollywood comedy club, has infuriated the usually calm and keep-to-himself Jackson. My man has called for reform at all comedy clubs.

Among various rants, Jackson stated,

"This nonsensical explication was utterly injudicious. I'm stupefied by the admonition of this contemptible joke smith and seek downright atonement wid said cracker".

That Blue Yak interpreter/intern, Mike Delby analyzed Jackson's comments and believes he has made a bit of sense out of the ramblings,
"OK, I know he isn't happy about the comments...he thinks they are deplorable and stupid..he wants Kramer to apologize.....and something about a saltine..but I'm still working on that part."

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