Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Does this library LOOK like a rest stop?

Can you be any MORE obvious Mr Gay Guy? I just left the library and some gay dude was hanging out looking at me. LEARING. He was leaning up against the bookshelf and pretending to read - every so often he would "sneak a peak". I think the upside-down book was a clear give away.It takes about 3 -4 glances in these situations to confirm that the dude is checking you out - the only problem is that every glance makes him think you're askin' for it. I know I tend to be paranoid, but as I gathered my things I stopped into the bathroom and guess who followed me? You guessed it. I left the library and got into my car - he walked out and was obviously looking for me.

Did I accidently give the "Gay-OK" code:

1) glance
2) look down
3) glance
4) rub neck in what appears to be discomfort
5) look slightly behind the guy as if looking at something else and give the look of, "oh..there's that thing over there I was looking for"
6) glance
7) slightly tear-up

To all the dishelved, stalker type gay dudes that hang out at the Chester County Library -I'm not interested - go away. To all of the feminine, non threatening gay dudes that hang out at the Chester County Library - I'm still not interested, but feel free to approach me - I have many, many unanswered questions about Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Lynde and would love to disuss their work over.

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