Thursday, November 16, 2006

OJ illustrates what gloves would look like IF they fit

News yesterday of OJ Sampson's new book "If I Did It," which will detail how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend IF he did it is gathering even more backlash today. Recently acquired photos from "That Blue Yak" illustrate what the gloves would look like IF they fit.

Simpson was quoted as saying

"I did not kill my wife or Ron Goldman but IF I did and IF I wore gloves and IF they fit..this is the nice, snug look that they would have. IF I had been instructed to make it appear that the gloves didn't fit in court, I probably would have slightly fanned out my fingers when trying them on - just like Johnnie (Cochran) and I would have rehearsed for hours."

"C'mon Juice - make some facial expressions like the gloves are constricting you - Johnnie probably would have said."

Lawyers for Regan Books have since released the following statement:

"Regan Books in no way takes responsibilities for the snug fit of Simpson's gloves and therefore proof that he is the murderer......but IF any parties are considering legal action against Regan Books, please note that the wearer of the gloves in the photo is clearly a white dude".

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