Friday, March 16, 2007

Blogger Drops Dime On That Blue Yak Copywriter And Initiates Firing

West Chester, PA

That Blue Yak would like to give a shout out to the blog Meandering Through Unforseen Pathways. "Meandering" correctly pointed out in her March 13th entry a spelling error on our award winning blog. Instead of using the letters "SIB" to refer to the movie theater trend, we used the letters "SID". Her eagle eye observations can be seen by clicking HERE .

That Blue Yak VP of Human Resources Ben Taylor is especially thankful,

"I am truelly pleased as punch. Our March 7th blog entry on the movie 300 was a very important entry. It was also the first time we gave junior copywriter Steve Janson a chance to edit the piece. He was asked to step up to the plate, and frankly, he failed miserably. He, as well as his family should hang their heads in shame."

Quickly becoming the most visited site on the web, THAT BLUE YAK felt a responsibility to take quick action.

"When my secretary Alice told me of the spelling error, I hit the roof. I knew it was Janson. I thought it was best to make an example of his incompetence at our company meeting. I called his name and asked him to come up and accept an award. When he got on the stage, I handed him a cardboard box and in Donald Trump style told him, 'You're Fired!' Then I had security escort him to his desk to collect his belonging."

"I just want to put this nightmare behind us. I play golf with Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Jimmy Wales and it's kind of a running gag to raz each other when something of this magnitude surfaces. One time Bezos pulls put this piece of paper. It's an error from Wikipedia using the word boner instead of boulder. And let me tell you that Jobs STILL won't let Jimmy live it down. He can be a dick like that though. ANYWAYS, we're ready to move on."

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Anonymous said...

now that the floodgates are open, i'll jump in on your typos....
"Bezos pulls put this piece of paper"

time to fire someone else!