Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pope Benedict Hates Bob Dylan But Loves Other Junk

Vatican City

According to The Scotmans, Pope Benedict, who last week revealed to the world that he doesn't care much for Bob Dylan, said today he would like to see the comeback of Gregorian chants. Is the pope that out of touch that he thinks hypnotic 10th century chants (stupidest music next to jazz) are still relevant in the modern world?

That Blue Yak is pleased to have acquired a discarded note from 4th string Vatican Dishwasher Gianetta Hirshberg (name jewished up to preserve dishwasher seniority). The note lists several other comeback wishes of the pope. Will Pope Benedict perform his magic and make these wishes a reality? We shall have to wait. While waiting, please view the world premiere of the notorious scribblings of the pontiff:

Surprisingly, Pope Benedict issued a statement to THAT BLUE YAK:

" only regret to listing my wishes of Quisp, leg warmers and double dutch to my comeback list is that I left out my true love and wish: wax lips. Old school style.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a. gregorian chants already made a comeback in the 90's with "Chant"

b. it's not stupid and jazz is the most intelligent of music. so you are all kinds of wrong there.

c. explain the jewished up comment

d. i love the pope's list. he's a creative guy. can you ask him what he thinks of bringing back the amc pacer?