Monday, March 5, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Mishap Turns Into Musical Epiphany For Malvern Man

Malvern, PA

Malvern native Dan Garland was a very frustrated man recently when he missed yet another eclipse. Although he's lost count, Mr Garland estimates that he's missed at least 30 - 40 eclipses because he could never get his "safety contraption" together in time.
"There is no way that I'm going blind! I always remember about the eclipse at the last minute then I'm scrambling to get all of the safety stuff together - you know the box, then you make the pinhole and tape wax paper to it. If you look right into it unprotected, you can loose your site!"
The missed opportunity however turned out to be pay dirt for the Malvern Pennsylvania man when he realized he couldn't make his eclipse viewing contraption in time.
"I was cleaning up my equipment in a huff when it hit me. I blew into the box through the wax paper and it made a sound kind of like a kazoo but different than a kazoo. Like a really BIG kazoo or something - with a splash of French horn. And the really cool thing is that to play the "Garlandzoo", the box covers your face so, can imagine."
Mr Garland has vowed never to pursue astronomy again but is willing to meet with people who are SERIOUSLY interested in forming a band.

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