Saturday, March 3, 2007

That Blue Yak Wins AussieJourno Blog Award

West Chester, PA

It's official. That Blue Yak has won the coveted AussieJourno Blog Award. The weekly self submitted blog award that is painstakingly narrowed down to 30 winners is always a nail biter. Not only did That Blue Yak win, but it's comments were also noted as "most humorous" by Blog Writer David McMahon. That Blue Yak VP of Public Affairs Ted Nilton has issued the following statement:

"Thank you Mr McMahon for this award. I'd like say, we are all winners but we are clearly not, as noted by the two 'honourable mentions' that did not make the cut. I will not be visiting their blogs for fear that it may encourage them but wish them no harm."

"Now back to us. You made a wise choice in picking the hysterical THAT BLUE YAK blog as a winner. Not only does it benefit us, but it shows that you, as a representative of Australia pocess what we call in the US, 'class'. I must tell you that while visiting Brisbane Australia in 1981 my wallet was stolen. To get even, I tracked down a kangaroo and damn it, I kicked it as hard as I could directly in the pouch. On the flight home I realized that things were not even. I asked myself, 'when will they be even'? The answer is, today"

"I will be personally checking our mail room everyday. And when the physical award arrives I will have it appraised. Once I'm convinced that the value of the AussieJourno award equals the value of the contents that were in my wallet that day in 1981 ($97 - adjusted for inflation), the relations between THAT BLUE YAK and Australia will be deemed normalized."

"Thank you and God Bless."


Anonymous said...

Congrats Dr. Zibbs. I made the list too. Didn't even know this list existed. What an honor. The web is a magical & wonderful place. Yahoo!

Gonzo said...

Oi, doc! I actually was a fan of Freak and Geeks when they first broadcasted it on NBC years back, unfortunately though, the NBC top-brass for some odd reason cancelled it because... well, they're bloody idiots who bugger themselves in between conferences in the men's loo... so I've heard.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Dr Zibbs,

You're welcome. It was an honour richly deserved.

But where on earth did you find that recent picture of me (looking straight at the photographer, too) to illustrate your post? I am notoriously camera-shy. You could say it's a kanga-ruse.

Seriosuly, though, well done and I'm glad you and Chewy are happy to have made the cut. In reply to your comment, no, not everyone made the cut.

Don't forget to nominate for next week. By the way, the solid 22k gold statuette should have been delivered by courier 2 hours ago. Insued value is $3987.64 so I reckon you owe Brisane a bit of loose change!

Good luck, mate and well done. Let's keep encouraging other bloggers.



B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Greetings from a fellow winner.

I enjoyed yor story about giving the kangaroo a rich thrashing. Have yu seen my warnings about the notorious koala?

I've added yor blog to my list of happy places, btw.



Jenera said...

Congrats! I also made the list and it's pretty cool to be in the 'in crowd' ain't it? Though your acceptance press release was much better than mine, lol.


copper stiletto said...

Congrats!!!! And thanks for the link to the toe and feet fetish page, it most definitely shed some light on the subject! ;)