Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sea Isle City Shark Attack Leaves Opening For Finance Director

West Chester, PA

The good news is that THAT BLUE YAK has an opening for Finance Director. Please see job requirements on http://www.monster.com/ and send resume to HR Director Samuel McGrath.

The bad news is that THAT BLUE YAK Finance Director was killed horribly this weekend in a brutal shark attack in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. The terrible mishap happened off of the 54th street beach. Thankfully, the company will receive a quick check from their insurance company for their destroyed wave runner as the horrible mishap was captured on video:


Anonymous said...

Shout out to another Sea Isle City goer and PA blogger! I'm adding you to my link list.

General Viagra said...

Good news for everybody that are interesting in the position but it is bad for the late finance director. But it is very weird to hear about this kind of mishap.

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