Friday, August 17, 2007

Huge Fire Rages on Boot Road - Area Supermarkets Issue Statement

As a fire raged at the corner of Boot Road and Copeland School Road this afternoon, the Chester County Supermarket alliance issued the following statement: WE ARE OUT OF MARSH MELLOWS!

Robert Norris, Exton Acme Manager announced the following to crowds outside of the Whiteland Town Center in Exton via bullhorn,

"Listen people, there are no more marsh mellows. We have a few boxes of peeps and we will be auctioning them off at around 2:30. We will be accepting cash only"

The fire raged at 1:00 Friday in West Whiteland. That Blue Yak receptionist Betsy Griffin captured these amazing photos after picking up the last bag of marsh mellows at Wegmans in Downingtown and "popping home quickly to make sure her iron was turned off."


Anonymous said...

a. do you misspell things like "marshmallow" on purpose to drive me insane?

b. all i see is smoke. where's the fire?

Dan said...

Damned small towns! Can never find marshmallows when you desperately need them!!

Thanks for visiting my blog ... and for not starting a fire.

Anonymous said...

Damn, all the money-making events happen when I'm out of town. I have several boxes of peeps in my basement as well as bags of "mini" marshmallows!