Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Climbers Confused About Questions That Dog Rescued Them.....


...But describe in detail the help they received from "that giant pork chop".

Obviously still delirious, climbers on Mount Hood were confused about questions that a dog was responsible for their rescue. Climber Kate Hanlon describes the final hours,

"It wasn't really the freezing temperature that was awful - we were SO HUNGRY. We kept ourselves going by talking about the food we would eat when we were rescued".

"Just as Matty (Brynat) was describing her first meal, this giant pork chop walks up to us. I tried to stab it with this stick, but it was to quick for me. MAN I WANTED TO EAT THAT GIANT PORK! "

Climber Description of Pork Chop Rescuer (bottom right)

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Jenera said...

That is too funny! I live in Salem, Oregon so this story was big news in our neck of the woods.

I love your site. I will definitely return for a pick me up throughout the day!