Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hollywood Police Take Cojocaru Oscar Threat Seriously

(Hollywood, CA)

Police are taking Steven Cojocaru's Oscar threat seriously. Steven Cojocaru's was overheard telling friends,

" I'm so excited about the Oscars - I'M GONNA EXPLODE"

It didn't take the LA police long from the time Cojo uttered those words from his puffy, girlish lips to the time precautionary steps were put into place. Lieutenant Robert Morris explains his concerns simply,
" Have you seen this guy's face? If that thing blows we could have a very dangerous situation on our hands. When you hear the words 'Cojocaru' and 'explode' just don't sit back and relax - you take precautions."

"I've asked that that an additional 125 officers be placed outside of the Kodak Theatre. I'm also asking onlookers to prepare themselves by purchasing rain gear or bringing plastic bags. If the face explodes it's going to look like the first three rows of a Gallagher show."

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