Thursday, February 22, 2007

KFC's "First Draft" of Letter to Pope Discovered

(Louisville, KY)

It's getting even weirder. KFC, in it's introduction of the new Fish Snacker Sandwhich, sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI. The letter, according to USA TODAY , reveals that President Gregg Dedrick sent a letter asking the Pope to lend his personal seal of appoval for the new item, "as a way for members of your flock to keep a holy Lenten Season".

In a show of one-upmanship and good old fashioned journalism, That Blue Yak intern Wally Jenson dug a bit deaper (in the KFC dumpster) to find an even stranger item - the first draft of the letter. The letter is virtually identical to the first with the addition of a few greasy fingerprints in the upper left corner and the following post script:

P.S. Your majesty, during your next Sunday mass, we would really appreciate it if you could announce to your congregation:

"The King is the DEVIL. Do NOT eat at Burger King or ye will go to hell. Just look at that sinner."

Thank you and please enjoy the Fish Snacker at any of our 5,500 locations.

KFC could not be reached for comments.

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