Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thurmond Camp Willing To Forgive Sharpton

South Carolina

In light of Al Sharpton's ancestral link to Strom Thurmond, the Thurmond camp is courageously offering to forgive the Sharpton family - under certain conditions. A Thurmond family journal reveals that when Coleman Sharpton left the Thurmond plantation following the Emancipation Proclamation, he left his quarter a bit in shambles:

"I wish Coleman (Sharpton) all the best, but frankly, I'm a bit taken back as to the condition he left his cabin" (1863) - the Thurmond journal states.

Marty Thurmond, the great-great grandson of Thurmond wants to "settle up and move on":

" I'd like Al Sharpton to come down to South Carolina and do some odd jobs around here. Nothing too intense - wash my car, pick up some sticks and junk in the yard, a few loads of wash maybe. I'd like to even things up and get on with things"

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mcglinch said...

this gave me a chuckle (but i had to go read the real news account to understand what it was about).