Wednesday, March 7, 2007

300 Movie Predicted To Be Largest "Seat In Between" Movie Ever

Frazer, Pennsylvania

Theater owners nationally have agreed that the movie 300, opening in theaters Friday, will be the largest "seat in between" movie ever. In movie theater lingo, "seat in between", or SID refers to the empty movie seat that movie goers leave between themselves and their friend's.

The phenomenon, although used by parents and children, is usually a tactic employed by males in the 15 - 37 age group.
Mike Simpson (age 19), explains the purpose behind the "seat in between",

"I don't want ANYONE thinking just because I came to the theater with a dude - that I'm a gay. I'm not. I'm TOTALLY STRAIGHT. Don't believe me ladies? Come on down and I'll prove it to you. That's what the 'seat in between' does.'"

Theater owner Bill Nikes of East Whiteland, PA has observed the evolution of the practice,
" Before the seat in between, the usual thing for claiming heterosexuality in theaters was turning around and declaring, 'Yo - we ain't gay - Does anyone got a problem with that'? I started to see the SID around 1979. Then in 1999, they started doing two and sometimes three seats in between."

Each seat that is "left between" is in essence an empty seat. Ticket holder behavior, whether etiquette or driven by fear dictates that you don't sit in a 'seat in between'.
Theater owners have reason to be concerned. 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae could prove to be a doozie. The story details the battle of 300 Spartans in a last stand battle against the invading Persian army. The movie, with it's number of shirtless muscle men clad is leather-bikini and-cape ensembles could be the 'perfect storm' for the 'seat in between'. You put together the violence of the movie, the blatant homo eroticism and the 2 and 3 'seat in between' trend, and we could have 300 seat theaters declared "full' with 12 guys in it.

"All I know, those punks better be planning on buying a lot of God damned popcorn!"


Anonymous said...

This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. When you all grow up and look back at posting and implementing this "seat in between" you will realize how incoherently insecure you all are. Not to mention DUMB! Grow up.

Adam said...

First poster's comment is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. This is clearly satire and if you don't get that you should probably just give up on reading right now and go live in a trailer.

Dr Zibbs said...

Adam, you are correct in your statement from Anonymous. That Blue Yak spun a web, and the fly walked right into it. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

I usually employ the SID method, but I do it cos the seats are too small to start with...

Anonymous said...

What kind of crazy talk is all this? I thought people tried to put as much distance between y'all so they didn't have to smell popcorn breathe and hear all that chewing noise.

Anonymous said...

This is a hilarious posting and comments! My friends and I always make fun of people (usually guys) who have employed the SID method. I never can understand what purpose that seat in between serves. Seriously, you draw more attention putting a seat between each other. Keep doing this it provides me and my girlfriends plenty of pre-movie entertainment!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I thought the seat in between was for people's small Bears.