Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogger Ends 33 Year Soul Train Racism And Creates Fun Party Game To Boot

It was 1974. The dancers were dressed allllll funky and what not. They was doin' their thang. But WHO were those dancers? What were their names. I think we can all agree that it was racism. THAT BLUE YAK will now give these young dancers their proper credit by naming them.

They will now not only have a face but they will have a name. Names that they should where with pride - not figuratively, but literally, on large, bedazzled, name tag buttons. These name tags should be worn at ALL TIMES. Now, enjoy getting down with these brothers as they do their stuff , followed by their new names and a fun game.

Now to have some fun. Gather your friends and yell out the names of the dancers as they do their thing. Pretend you know them and you're all friends. Make up stories about the dancing adventures you've all had together.
Did you perhaps solve crimes with your new dancing friends? Maybe you did.
Were you all asked by the Mayor of your town to pitch in and help with the fight against litter? And then just when you thought you lost the battle you guys got the whole town dancing and then everyone learned a lesson about litter? And themselves? I don't know. The only limit to your adventures is your imagination.

We now give you their new non-slave names:

- Slipper Band Man
- Sir Frogalicious
- Bandana the Tank
- Backstroke Afromatic
- Bus Token Scooper Slim
- The Rich Little of Raj Thomas
- Blue Trouser Howser
- Candy Cane Calf Carl
- The Admiral of Cool
- Denim Da Hip
- (WARNING: This is some white dude disguised as a black dude. He has not earned a name)
- Bell Bottom Swell Bottom
- Tyron "Dease coals is hot but dis lady be fine) Lincoln
- Sidewalkin' Ice Guy
- Sir Twirls a Lot
- Goat Leg the Inner City Centaur
- The Butt
- Bizniss Man Tight
- Jiu-Jitzu Jammin' Jim (aka Robo-martial-artso)
- Gymnastic the Bombastic Flim Flam Lover Man
- Brother Soul Sam the Anti-Man

Repeat and Enjoy.

WARNING: Do not repeat more than three times. Do not go into "bad areas" of the city trying to make new "real" friends.

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