Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun In Vegas with Elvis

Vegas. Great city, great fun, chock full of Elvis. I met a homeless King and an Australian one. Here's the homeless one:

I met this rascal while walking from the Luxor and into the Excalibur. (Note the Mary Tyler Moore wig that he so cleverly brushed back). Some guy walking in front of me said, "Hi Elvis, can I take your picture?" I grabbed my blackberry as well and prepared to snap a shot.

The D list Elvis asked the first guy, "Hey yeah, wouldn't mind something for that". The guy just walked away. Then as I finished he asked me, "You gonna help me out a bit"? Of course not. Just as if you had just fallen down a flight of steps, if you are dressed as Elvis you give permission to all point, laugh and snap pictures.

Here's the second Elvis I met: The picture is blurry but his act was as clear as the Bally's stage he was singing on. He wasn't paid to sing but the lounge act, Matt Newbold, let him sing a few songs. The King then later approached and sat down next to some hot chicks. That's Elvis for you.

We struck up a conversation with the King and he hung out for a while and had some drinks. His name is Ziggy and he's from Australia. He used to be a pilot for Qantas Airlines and is now retired. He said he's always wanted to be an Elvis impersonator so he comes to Vegas a few times a year to get some stage time and exposure.

Overall, excellent Elvis filled night.

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