Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zoup Spillage in Fraser PA Almost Brings Hungry Man To Tears

If you were near the Lincoln Court in Frazer, PA Friday and you heard the scream of "Jesus Christ" or saw birds flying off their perches in panic - I'm responsible. After purchasing a tasty bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo from Zoup, the soup & bisque franchise, I hurried to my car in anticipation. The picture above shows the horror when I spilled it.

Here is my review based on the remains:

"The one spoonful of the chicken and sausage gumbo from Zoup was indeed tasty. Rich, thick broth and amble servings of sausage were seasoned to perfection."

I considered going inside to tell them I spilled it - hoping that the policy would be a free bowl ("You spill - we refill") Then I just got too embarrassed. Instead, I sat there like a dope and ate the bread:

The lesson I'll share is this: If you're gonna eat in your car, calm down people. Settle in, get your magazine or whatever make-shift table top you use and prepare your eating area first. Don't get too excited and rush things NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE FOOD LOOKS OR SMELLS. If you don't heed my warnings, the picture below is what you'll be cleaning up. This is the frozen soup left overnight. NOTE: It makes it no easier to clean if it's frozen first.

And this picture below is the soup that is still in the track of the seat. I feel confident I'll have the entire mess cleaned up by next week.

The following is some helpful info:

Zoup Fraser info: 235 Lancaster Ave.Suite E-3 Frazer, PA 19355

Hours: M - Sat 11:00-8:00 and Sunday 12-5

Phone: 610-408-0303

Car Detailing in Chester County:

Fine Line Detailing (West Chester)

In Great Detail (Westtown)


Anonymous said...

now THAT's funny.

Dr Zibbs said...

It would have been much funnier if it had happened to someone else.

Kristen said...

holy crap, i can't even read this anymore, it's just too funny and it's making me cry. i had to stop at 'you spill, we refill'.