Friday, January 25, 2008

Things to do in Vegas on the South Strip

And here are a few additional pictures of Las Vegas and some handy tips for the traveler.

This is the Excalibur Hotel. It's got a cheesy castle theme. Great location (between Luxor and New York, New York) but the crappiest of the three. Pretty reasonable but they should tell you right off the bat that THERE ARE NO TUBS! - Only shower stalls. Leave your Mr. Bubble at home.

Here is a picture of New York, New York at night. There were even some dopes riding the outside roller coaster in 40 degree weather. Stupid.

Below is the Bar at Times Square inside of the New York, New York hotel. Great bar with the dueling pianos. Good times but if you stop in a few times during the week you'll hear some of the same 'jokes". How about some more original material guys. It was this woman's birthday so she was on the piano. People were singing "You've lost that loving feeling" to her. And I just lost my appetite.

Looks like we've got some gals who were really going out of their way to pick up guys. The one wore a bridal getup and they CLAIMED that they were having a bachelorette party and as part of their "scavenger hunt", they asked me if I had a condom. Nice pickup line, nice effort, and very original. Now go get me a Dewar's and water - easy on the water. Then we'll talk.

Here's another bar that is a good time at the New York, New York. It's called Nine Fine Irishman. Pretty good Irish music on most nights. And this lady must live there because I saw here last year while in Vegas at the same bar. She pushed her way to one of the prime standing locations at the Bar at Times Square. Very rude. I think she is saying here, "Look everyone, a guitar."

Walking upstairs, you'll find the Coyote Ugly Bar. The concept is hot bartenders getting up on the bar and dancing all sexy-like. They also throw water into the crowd that is supposed to be beer. Show your defiance by throwing a real beer toward people that are annoying you. Believe me, they'll never know where it came from and it'll make you feel better. Later in the night they let REAL women get up and dance on the bar. Tip for women: Don't ask your girlfriends if you look lood enough to dance - go out of the bar and ask a few random strangers. Take their advice. They won't lie. Also, if you are going to dance on the bar, take off your coat and don't be holding a hand bag. It makes you look frumpy.

This is a view standing outside of the Monte Carlo and looking north on the Vegas strip. Diablo's Cantina is a new bar at the front of the Monte Carlo. Steer clear. It looks like it's a great place but drinks are totally over inflated and it's packed full of dudes. It's a sausage factory. They do however spin a huge wheel every half hour and you can see the current drink special so it's worth stopping in if you're walking by.

Here is the Las Vegas City Center - still under construction. It's located between the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio.

Here's the City Center at night. For those on a tight budget, it's easy to sneak into the area at night by jumping onto the back of a truck - like the one pictured below. Make sure to cover yourself with a concrete bag because if Raul the night foreman catches you, you're gonna get arrested. Bring a flashlight because once inside, there's a treasure trove of lunches left over from the construction workers. I found a barely touched 14" tuna fish hoagie! And you thought the casino floor was the only place to hit the jackpot. (Don't be greedy though - grab what you can carry in a pillow case and get out).

Here's a picture of the Las Vegas news reporting on a City Center break-in the night before. Like I said, grab what you can steal in a pillow case and get out!

Here's a picture of the Bellagio fountain show at night. Very classy.

And that's about it for the pictures. Enjoy.
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