Monday, January 28, 2008

Wegmans, Robbery, Busted! According to the January 28th issue of the Daily Local News, a Coatesville man "entered the Downingtown Wegmans Market, filled the liner of his jacket with frozen shrimp and exited the store without paying." The Daily Local News says that the Wegman's store employees then followed the 28 year old into a parking lot and found two bags of shrimp with a combined value of $84 hidden in his jacket.

OK dummy, a few points:
- Don't go into MY Wegmans and be "crime-in" up the area. If the Wegmans "eye" gets a bit nervous - some - not me mind you, but some won't be able to throw an extra wing or two into their box at the chicken wing bar. Let's keep that cool.

- If you're going to steal, don't be a dope! "Frozen shrimp?" Puuleeeaaase! Do you know that Wegmans has 15 types of sausage including 4 andouille variations? Did you consider a few wheels of Asiago Cheese wheels? Do you know what you can get for them on the streets of Coatesville? Did you ever hear of the "Coatesville Cheese King of Star Alley." Read your Coatesville history my friend.

- And lastly, do you know that Wegmans Downingtown stands no further than two football fields away from the ashes of the sacred Downingtown Farmers Market? You will be haunted my friend - you will be haunted.

To learn more about Wegmans click here

And to learn about the different types of cheese, click here.


Anonymous said...

glad to see babs is quick with the turnover of yesterday's paper!

Dr Zibbs said...

Yes indeed. We here at the Yak are green - when it's free. When it comes to cost or effort of course, we're the first to dump motor oil into the creek.

Smoochies said...

Has anyone seen the alcohol permit posted in Wegmans window? What's that all about?

Dr Zibbs said...

Wegmans selling beer shortly in their PA stores.

Smoochies said...