Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vegas Club "The Bank" Brings Vin Diesel To Tears

Vegas Hot spot THE BANK, welcomed That Blue Yak Staff last week to their swanky, nightclub while muscle man Vin Diesel was forced to take a backseat.

On looker and admiring THAT BLUE YAK fan Shelly Morton gives her account:

"It's true. I noticed that the YAK was in the Bellagio around 9:00 when I saw a commotion inside of Caramel's. I looked in and saw Michael L. Hardly Jr., you know, the dreamy VP of Purchasing - demanding that the DJ play some Funkadelic. Well, you know Hardly, the DJ refused and Hardly gave the guy the claw and coolly walked out of the joint and said, 'it's Bank Time.'

"The Chester County, PA executives then strutted their junk across the Bellagio floor toward the Bank. Knowing that the Bank "caters to a discerning audience with higher sensibilities", they knew they were rrrrright at home. They walked right past the doormen, giving them the infamous International YAK sign and went straight up the escalator. It was very, very cool."
"The thing is, cocky film star Vin Diesel finished his photo in front of the Bank sign and attempted to enter the club. The doormen grabbed his arms and were like, 'behind the ropes with the peasants slop' we've got fire capacity limits'".
"Vin Diesel just hung his head and said, 'I didn't feel like going in right now anyways'. A single tear dripped down his face."
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Dominica said...

Vin has something sexy about him ... is it the voice ? I don't really know what ...
But if he would asked me out I probably say no.