Saturday, August 16, 2008

West Chester Blogger Creates Crappy Memory For Mourners

It could of been because I'm getting myself all worked up for the dance off fight I'm going to be picking this weekend but here's a true event that happened this morning:

I was cruising north on route 100 - coming home from the West Chester's Growers Market and had the windows down - stereo a blarin'.

Playing on the radio was the Blood Sweat and Tears song You've Made Me So Very Happy. I'm singing the following line with unbridled pride at the top of my lungs: "You make me shhoo very happy, you make me shhooo - shho very happy baby - I'm shho glad you ........came into my-hi-hi life. " (my heads a shakin' all cockily there on the last line for effect).

As I sang the last line, I noticed there were about 100 people at a cemetary standing around a casket about 50 feet from me. The priest is saying his final words. A few people looked over. I couldn't tell if their eyes were filled with tears or brows lowered with anger. All I know, while people were reflecting on the life of a loved one, some dope was singing this song. That dope would be me.
Note to self/Add these thing to my to do list:

- Make sure when I'm buried, my plot is really far away from the road.
- Sing this song for some friends and ask them, on a scale of 1 - 10, how close they think I sound to David Clayton-Thomas (the lead singer). Personally, I'd give my self an eight, but with a bit of practice, I honestly think I could get up to a nine.


Anonymous said...

Coulda been worse, Zibbs. At least you were singing an upbeat and happy tune--what if you had been crankin' out Highway To Hell or Time to Say Goodbye or some other death-related tunes. Lets poll the massive TBY audience (read: all 6) for songs you should have been singing at that moment for maximum inappropriateness so the next itme you're in a similar situation, you won't disappoint us.....come on all you TBY loyalitsts. Lets help the good doctor. You first Fawl.

Dr Zibbs said...

Good idea Crotch Pains. Hey, I've got to check out your blog..let me just click on your name here and...wooops - let me try again..OH...I'm sorry, you don't..have a blog...That's OK though. Seriously. That's fine.

Gwen said...

You could have been singing Nine Inch Nails' I want to Eff You Like An Animal. That would have been funny.

Some Guy said...

Aren't there a lot of horns in that song? Nicely done, Dr. Z. Very classy.

Falwless said...

In other news, Dr. Zibbs has shitty taste in music that is crankable.

This was funny, I totally imagined it as I was reading, got me laughing. I bet they were like, "Who the fuck is that inconsiderate fool?"

Either that or they were straining to hear your beautiful, beautiful voice.

I'm going with the former.

Also, I love the irony that you were singing THIS song, about someone coming into your life, when someone has just exited theirs. Nice.

Falwless said...

Oh, I have to think up an inappropriate song? Sorry, just read the comment.


I'm gonna go with Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust." Oh yeah.

morgetron said...

If this had happened at my funeral, all my guests (???is that the right word for people who come to your funeral?) would probably sing along with you. I want my funeral to be a party. OH WAIT! I'm being cremated, so this wouldn't be an issue anyway.

PS: You're totally invited to my memorial service when/if I die!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I was singing at the top of my lungs....Fleetwood Mac deserves top of lung status.....getting out of shower made eye contact with our pool guy.......
Proud Moment 1,628

Letty Cruz said...

"All I know, while people were reflecting on the life of a loved one, some dope was singing this song. That dope would be me."

And all I know is that some dope laughed wine spittle at her monitor upon reading this sentence, and that dope would be me!

Anonymous said...

I know right where this happened and the visual gave me my hearty laugh of the day! Thanks :)