Monday, August 11, 2008

What Famous People Have You Met? Here's My List

You'd think that being famous myself - it wouldn't be that big of a deal that I've had interactions with other famous people. It's really nothing to me, but for some of the reader's that are nobodies - you kind of like to live vicariously through me. You know who you are. Celebs I've met (part 1) here goes:

- Gorilla Monsoon (all star wrestler) - Got into a wrestling match in New Jersey by following him in the side door. Told bouncers - we're with the Gorilla. They bought it.

- Steven Wright (comedian) - Met him when I was doing stand-up comedy in the late 80's. Made him laugh from the stage. The club was the comedy works in Philly.

- Sally Jessie Raphael *- met and spoke with at ABC dinner. She hugged me. Smells like you think she would.

- Winnie and Kevin Arnold's brother (from Wonder Years)* - Met them at the an ABC event in Philly at the Museum of Natural Science. She was cute. He was short and dopey but had a 6 foot girlfriend that looked like a model. He told me he had some "projects" he was working on. I knew his days were numbered.

- The guy that was in a dance competition against the Fonz on Happy Days -recognized him at a bar that used to be in Exton called the First Edition. I approached him.

- Lisa Robertson (QVC host) - Saw her a few times when I was at meetings at QVC. Then, since she also lives in West Chester, I've run into her at the Exton Mall, Wawa and other locations. She says hi because I think she thinks she knows me. I'm trying to get up the nerve to say, "So Lisa, what about that thing we were talking about last time? What's goin' on with that thing?" - Just to see what she says . She's HOT.

- The kid that was on the first episode of Cheers before the first commercial starts. He was also on a short lived sitcom where he was a teenager and Ann Jillian was a ghost - recognized him at a club. I approached him and he seemed kind of thrilled that ANYONE recognized him.

- The red headed girl with curly hair from Head of the Class* - met her at ABC TV function. Had some drinks with her. She was pretty cool.

- Amy Steele (actress from Friday the 13th and she was Alex P. Keaton's first boink) - She was the sister of a guy I went to Henderson High School with. When I met her the Bar Restaurant in West Chester, I lied and told her I just got a call back from Wrigley's Gum for a commercial. She was interested to hear about the details and I was too embarrassed to tell her I was just kidding so I made a bunch of stuff up.

- Captain and Mrs Noah (Philly 70's TV celebs) -met at ABC function. Very grandfatherly.

- Chief Halftown (Philly 70's TV celebs) - He was in teepee at Dorney Amusement Park. It was kind of sad.
- John Heinz - (dead PA senator and heir to Heinz fortune) - shook his hand at Exton Mall when I was in 5th grade. He died in a helicopter crash 16 years later. Coincidence?

What celebs have YOU met? Leave in comments area of my blog. Don't even think about lying either.
*(picture to follow - once I find them)


Anonymous said...

*[I had supper with Mick Jagger and his Brazilian girlfriend, lunch with Paul and Linda McCartney, smoked a cigar with Gerald Ford, shook hands with Dr. Phil, sat in a meeting with Dabney Coleman, Eddie Murphy came to my graduation ceremonies, and Steven King autographed my forehead.]

*= lies

Okay, the closest I've come to a real live celebrity was hanging out at Richard Hatch's place. The Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica, not from Survivor.

Some Guy said...

Here are my brushes with fame:

-I sat next to late movie critic Gene Siskel at a Chicago Bulls game. He died a few years later. Coincidence?

-I worked at a gas station with OKGO (the treadmill video guys) drummer Dan Konopka.

-I met hippie rocker Donovan at a Tower Records in Chicago.

-Although I never met her, I am a second-cousin to Lynn-Holly Johnson who was in "Ice Castles" and "For Your Eyes Only".

-Dave Thomas of Wendy's Fast Food bought me lunch at a Wendy's in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Dr Zibbs said...

Some guy: I knew if I laid the bait you'd go after it like a rat! I've been investigating Siskel's death for years and I KNEW you had something to do with it! Enjoy reading this response....BEHIND BARS!

Mo said...

I was about to ramble on about Winnie and how I stumbled upon some magazine article about her a couple years ago, and she's now this foxy mathematician or something...but then I saw the nightmarish picture on yesterday's post, and all coherent thoughts immediately drained from my brain.

Good. God.

McGone said...

Providing the yin to Some Guy's yang*, I have seen several movies at the critics screening room in Chicago with Roger Ebert in attendance. I nearly ran into him once and was close enough to see that he has the complexion of a pasty older woman.

As of this writing, Mr. Ebert is still alive though he has fallen on some hard times. I believe I am free and clear of any suspicion in his health issues, your honor.

*That's a phrase I hope to never say again.

Falwless said...

When I worked for Sears Home Central scheduling home appliance repairs for people who called the 1-800 number, we had a caller ID system which would display the person's name when they called. To my surprise and utter delight, I scheduled some refrigerator work for Gabrielle Carteris (geek who had a crush on Brandon on BH 90210). I was like, "Are you THE Gabrielle Carteris?" She was indeed, and she was very courteous and pleasant. I LOVE YOU GABRIELLE.

I've met Bob Hope, Stedman Graham, Tim Duncan, Cherokee Parks (ha!), umm.. saw Marlee Matlin at the Beverly Center mall in Beverly Hills.. and I once chatted online with Jason Bateman (not even kidding here).

Oh and I gave Jude Law a beejer.

Okay, fine, that last one was a lie. Sue me.

MJ said...


Regis fucking Philbin.

One of the perks of going to Notre Dame.

Also, met Bob Knight. Between those two, pretty much pales the rest of y'all, doesn't it?

Distributorcap said...

i did a whole post on this

Anonymous said...

Let's see.

I have met Damond Waynes, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams (for about 30 seconds), Larry Bowa and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chille Peppers.

I have spoken to Ed McMahon, Richard Kiel, Clive Barker, Rev Run, Robbie Benson, Joe Satriani, Peter Max and Frank Annese (That's right from Airwolf) all by phone.

Barbara said...

Colin Powell was eating dinner with his family in a local Chinese restaurant. My husband pointed him out to me or I would never have recognized him. Other than that, I don't think I run in the same circles as famous people.

Jon said...

That QVC chick is pretty damn hot. I think her job is to distract me while my wife grabs my credit card.

Anonymous said...

I've never met anyone but here are the folks that I've seen:

Genie Frances (General Hospital) at the Boston airport with her husband and kids

a few of the local Philly tv news people (does that count)

I just saw one of the HGTV hosts for "Rip and Renew" as I was walking down 16th Street. Him and the wife were stopping at Starbucks.

Oh great, my mind is drawing a blank for the others. There have been others.......

Gwen said...

- Stan "The Man" Musial kissed me once. On the lips.

- Dave Foley

- Marty Robbins shook my hand at the county fair when I was a kid.

Also? I have no "smell expectation" of Sally Jesse Rafael so please tell me what she smells like.

katrocket said...

Those are some good run-ins, Zibbs.

I met Marilyn Manson and his 4 man security squad in a hotel elevator. I was an audio tech at the private event being held there, and the security pricks told me to get out of the elevator and make room for MM. I flashed my security pass and told them to go fuck themselves. Marilyn laughed and said 'nah, she's cool' and let me stay. Then he whined that his tight latex outfit was cramping his balls.

Marilyn Manson thinks I'm cool.

Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

The Sally Jesse comment made this whole post.

Oh, I sort of did a post about my lone celeb interaction. It was with Ted Turner. He and my dad exchanged angry glares once. It was cool.

Whiskeymarie said...

* I shook Martin Short's hand in a casino restaurant. He's a very, very tiny man.

*Josh Hartnett was at a bar in Minneapolis I was at. He looks gay.

*I work with a guy who got a hand job from Sarah Polley once.

*Elanor Mondale was a regular at my restaurant.

*Cheryl Tiegs (70's supermodel)was at some fancy-pants fundraiser I went to once. She has the flattest ass I've ever seen. All night I kept saying (loudly) "Have you seen how flat her ass is?" to my friend. Alcohol was involved. Andrew Zimmern was there too, but I hate that fat fuck so much that I refuse to count it.

*I can't think of any more right now.

Failcooks said...

Prince-- well, we didn't exactly meet, but we used to kind of "flirt" with each other when I worked at Glam Slam, his nightclub in the '80's.

Sugar Ray Leonard-- I was adolescent. It was a big thrill. Totally handsome.

Kirby Puckett-- went to his house with some mutual friends to pick up some tickets. He teased me about my perfect posture. I had just had back surgery.

Anthony Bourdain-- One of the high points of my life. You can see him touching me on or near my "bathing suit parts" on my blog. Nope, I've got no shame. None at all.

Jean George Vonerichten-- Another celebrity chef type. He's about four feet tall. Very nice.

There's gotta be more. . .

Jen said...

- the lost in space cast
at a toy show in Boston

- Jason Newsted & Kirk Hammett from Metallica backstage at a concert in Providence

Rider said...

Hasselhoff. Nuff said.

OK, I'll elaborate: he filmed one of the Knight Rider season premieres in the Windy City. I was determined to ruin a stunt being filmed on a particularly busy street. I slipped past the production assistants who were trying to stop non-extra pedestrians from entering the shot (folks who were, strangely, just trying to get to work and couldn't care less about the inhumanly thin Hasselhoff).

So here comes KITT screeching into a 180-turn without a driver, and in full view of two rolling cameras I held up both my arms in a Stallone-like victory pose. In the actual episode they cropped me at the knees. Bastards.

After the stunt I walked right up to future drunken-hamburger-eater and took a picture, lying to the security personnel by saying, "He's, like, my hero."

I'll post the picture over on Rider's Block, if I can find it.

M@ said...

I once met the biggest celebrity in the world: Sen. Barrack Obama.

Also, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former Rep. Gary Condit (Chandra Levy) and Hulk Hogan.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I've met The Queen, her Mum (Gawd bless 'er) and Prince Phillip. I had to sit through an hour of church to do it, but it was worth it to see that woman on all the stamps and money. She was being introduced to some people from my Uni course, walking down a line of girls, shaking hands, and then said, "Where are all the boys?", then, seeing me next in line, went "Ah. There you are," with a lascivious look.

I have also met shit British comedian Stan Boardman, Terry Pratchet, Jerry Hardin (the guy who played Deep Throat in the X-Files) and one of the greatest British footballers of all time, Bobby Charlton. Oh, and Britpop band Ash.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Met, or just had sex with?

Elizabeth said...

Much better than me. I've seen people, but never met anyone. People I've seen:
-Richard Gere on a movie set from 100 yards away.

-Timothy Van Patten at a club.

-Adam Sandler at the Police concert, we nodded at each other.

Anonymous said...

I met Oj on my honeymoon, before he kill Nicole.


ÄsK AliCë said...

I served Mila Kunis (That 70s Show) she's really funny actually and normal. But tiny. So freakin tiny.

I also served Keisha Shanti or whatever however you spell her name. Her bodyguard/manager dudes were all "we're famous"ing at me as loud as they could but she ignored them.

Also Jason Biggs in Vancouver at a bar, I smiled at him, he waved (then I realized it was to the girl behind me)

Oh and in John Tucker Must Die my cousins are the ones doing sign language about crabs. Or herpes. Some sort of STD anyway.

I can't believe you killed the ketchup man.

minijonb said...

you met Steven Wright? sweet!

i've met Gillian Anderson. does anyone else matter?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I've met Pat Benatar a few times, backstage.

Dr Zibbs said...

26 comments? Holy shit..Eyes famous!!!

WendyB said...

Steven Wright? Awesome.
I once had dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow, for real.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Holy crap, I love that red head from Head of the Class. She might convince me to "stray" if she played her cards right.

Del-V said...

Please, celebrities brag about knowing me.

Anonymous said...

Howdy. I've rubbed elbows with:

Christopher Lloyd (the shop where I worked at the time)

Little Richard (flight from LAX to Dallas)

Vince Gill (Vanderbilt Hospital elevator)

Trace Atkins (post concert thing, big whooop)

Kenny Chesney (2nd Ave. Nashville)

Carlos Santana (Taco place in Santa Barbara)

Red said...

I'd tell you, but I'm steeling this post idea. Thanks sucka!

words...words...words... said...

You met Captain Noah!? That sonofabitch was supposed to tell me to get well when I was six and in the hospital. I watched his show and...nuthin. I'm pretty sure that's why he died.

Also, I haven't met anyone famous.