Sunday, July 22, 2012

Don't Lie. You Like These Songs. Roly Poly. London Calling.

Pretty hot if you want my  two cents. And check out the kick ass slide guitar action:

The Clash rocking Brand New Cadillac. Live. Probably on my top 10 favorite albums list. (London Calling):

Whoa check this out. I was searching for the song Roly Poly and came across these Japanese cutie pies: 

OK here's the Roly Poly song I was talking about. It's Norah Jones singing with the Little Willies. It's a cover of an old song. I always picture a little chubby German kid in lederhosen dancing to it. I wish Norah would let me make the video:


red.neck chic said...

The Clash ANYTHING is on my Top 10.

I haven't heard the Norah Jones song... I like it! And now I have visions of chubby German kids... thanksalot.


Dr Zibbs said...

Red Neck - Oh yeah! And the Little Willies album is great.

Furtheron said...

The Clash - now there was a band that in 3 minutes changed my life. White Riot - I heard that on a little Dansett record player in a house not half a mile from where I am sat today - Teresa was her name, it was her party - she'd bought this as the guy in the record said she should - she stuck it on, everyone looked at it and was "you are kidding me that is rubbish"... I was like, "Stick that on again that is amazing" She gave me the single, no idea where it went in the end... within a month I had a jacket with safety pins all over it and had written two witty little numbers "National Violence" and "One way ticket to nowhere"... I was a troubled teen you know :-)

Dr Zibbs said...

Furtheron - Excellent story!