Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kroft Brothers' "Dr. Shrinker" Receives Rave Reviews

The Krofft Brother. What can be said? Enjoy the opening credits of Dr. Shrinker, followed by a review of the 1976 show.

"I like the little midget. He's funny cause he's small and stuff" - Timmy - student

"The subtle expressions of the mad scientist, played by Jay Robinson should serve as a template for all actors looking to master their crafts". James Lipton - Inside the Actor's Studio

"43 seconds in, that Billy Barty is haulin' ass - but almost in a sideways run - I recommend some orthopedic inserts for that little rascal". Erin Mann - Foot Specialist.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous! What a classic blast from the past!