Tuesday, May 22, 2007

McGlinch Blogger Accused of Exhuming Body Of Henry Creator Carl Anderson To Retrieve Pen

The grave of Carl Anderson, the creator of Henry has been tampered with and we want nothing to do with it. According to THAT BLUE YAK Human Resources manager Mike Hopton, the AussieJourno - THAT BLUE YAK Awards 2007 may have led to foul play.

"We have reason to believe that Billy D. Grear, an intern at THAT BLUE YAK may have tampered with ballots for this prestigious award. It seems Billy D. Grear is a comic fanatic, and appears to have bribed the McGlinch blogger with a win - in return for the "Henry" comic creator Carl Anderson's prized pen."
Ted Poliski, a fellow intern is the hero that narced him out,
"That Grear dude was a creep from the day he started. All he would talk about was comics. Not comic book characters like Superman and Batman, but the crappy ones like Henry, Nancy and Hi and Lois."
"It was very crazy last week with the awards happening and all, but I swear I heard him say something like, 'This is how it's gonna happen, you exhume the body of the Henry creator, snatch the pen that's gripped in his cold dead fingers and bring it to me in return for the blogger award' -..or something like that."
While the investigation unfolds, we would like to once again congratulate McGlinch on his award and thank him for the picture that he drew per our detailed, specific instructions:

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mcglinch said...

i have no comment at this time. the evidence, in time, will show that i had no influence or knowledge of what is involved in the decision-making process in the awarding of the ThatBlueYak-AussieJourno Award 2007.