Friday, May 25, 2007

Plus Size Store Catherine's To Change Name To Fatty Fat Fatso's

Exton PA

Bensalem, PA retailer Charming Shoppes announced that Catherine's - it's clothing store that caters to plus sized women - will be getting a new name. The stores will now be branded as "Fatty Fat Fatso's". The Exton store in the Whiteland Town Center is the first to receive the make over. According to Charming Shoppes VP of Marketing Tina Mertz,

"The Catherine's brand has suffered in recent years in a time when obesity is on the rise. The reason we believe is that some fat people don't even know that we sell fat clothes -the name sure doesn't tell them we are a fat store. By changing the name to Fatty Fat Fatso's, there will be no confusion."
This Memorial Day weekend, Fatty Fat Fatso's will be luring patrons in with burgers, pizzas and chocolate. Mertz also proudly explains their aggressive marketing plans,
"We've tied baked hams to the bumpers of our new Fatty Fat Fatso trucks and will be scouring the area. We're predicting at least 1000 fat people will be lured into the stores like rats by the smell of hams. Once inside - and they catch their breath, they'll be able to enjoy 30% off all fat clothes - which are all ready at very low prices. We're also premiering our new line of 'Let yourself go Moo-Moos. We're very excited."

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I'm not sure it would work.

Years ago, Mum was buying some tissues. She asked the man in the shop, "Why are these ones called MEN'S tissues?"
the man said "Because they are bigger."
So she asked, "Why, cos they have bigger noses?"
"I suppose so."
"SO why don't they just call them 'tissues for people with big noses'?"

Answer- because no-one would buy them.