Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Blames Argument On Rumored Cheeseburger Sale

According to Fox News, Rosie is trying to patch things up with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The real reason for the problems has been uncovered by That Blue YAK. It seems that Rosie's freak out is a direct result of a rumored upcoming Wendy's promotion of buy one double Cheeseburger - get one free. Jay Hash, Rosie's assistant of six years explains,

" Rosie is all about food. Wendy's has NEVER had a buy one get one free promotion on ANYTHING other than fries. And I know this because Rosie would tell us everyday that 'WENDY'S NEVER HAS A BUY ONE GET ONE ON BURGERS'. I think that on a certain level, it was Rosie's body telling that she needed to do something that would give her some time off so she could prepare for this very important Cheeseburger promotion."
Wendy's has announced the slaughter of an additional 10% more cows in preparation for the Rosie gorge fest.

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