Friday, May 18, 2007

That Blue Yak Announces Top Winners of AussieJourno Blog

It's official, THAT BLUE YAK has picked the top 4 blogs posted on THE AUSSIEJOURNO Blog.

We would like to say, "we're all winners" - but we're not. Frankly, there are a few terrible, terrible blogs. You know who you are and we encourage you to suppress what you see as your creative outlet and consider just watching tv. If you REALLY can't help yourselves from writing, we encourage you to consider the alternative to blogging:

1) Write your thoughts on paper

2) Read the thoughts (sorry, no sharing)

3) Throw the paper in the trash.

4) Return to couch for tv viewing.

Without further delay, the winners in descending order are:

TIN FOIL METAL: Shrink Wrapped Scream - Interesting blog. The link here features a young lad who is a dead ringer for a Young Sly Stallone with a dash of Liza.

BRONZE METAL: Bob's Diary -Very Special. Just as McGlinch has offered to draw requests, we're hoping that Bob will also take requests. Our request is to see B.T.Bear dressed as an evil clown and "busted" by someone as he hides in the fridge and gnaws on a chicken carcass.

SILVER METAL Copper Stiletto Sexy without being sassy, artsy without being fartsy.

GOLD METAL McGlinch - This young whippersnapper is very talented and we appreciate his never ending drawings of freaks.

We ask that McGlinch print out the Curling Trophy featured in this blog entry and with a sharpie, write:

AussieJourno - "THAT BLUE YAK Award Winner 2007 - I am the best, and everyone else is the worst".

We ask that you then get a crappy frame from Michael's Crafts, put said picture in frame and hang it on your wall with pride.

We also would like to request that McGlinch whips up a picture of himself accepting the award at THAT BLUE YAK headquarters since he will not be invited for real since he has been banned from our properties.

Congratulations winners.

1 comment:

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh my!

I am so humbold....


As fer requests- I dooo do requests, cos I'm a agony unkol bear.

As fer YOR request, I do like chiken. I'm not shor how to dress like an evil clown. Perhaps if I just dress as a Millwall suporter... oh no, the shame, the shame....