Monday, May 21, 2007

Malvern Police Welcome Country's First Macaroni Sketch Artist

Malvern, PA

Malvern Pennsylvania police have welcomed what is believed to be the nation's first police sketch artist who works exclusively in the medium of macaroni. The Chester County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Neil Bartrum to the area with a macaroni art exhibition at their headquarters in Malvern.

Police Chief Bernard Zurlo, explains the decision to hire a macaronist,

"We've had a string of police sketch artist failures in the past few years. Our typical test is to describe the attributes of a person and have the artist simply give us their best rendering. In our last search, we described Abraham Lincoln. The sketches we received were some of the worst we've seen in years - I mean - horrendous sketches with no resemblance at all to Lincoln. For God's sake, of our top three contenders, not ONE had a beard. Is this what the art schools are turning out?"
Chief Zurlo explains that his wife, a craft enthusiast was the first to suggest looking toward the macaroni arts as an alternative to traditional pencil artists. The suggestion paid off and Mr. Neil "San Francisco Treat" Bartrum officially starts his duties/macaroni art creations May 23.


mcglinch said...

First, thanks for the Gold Metal award. It's now enshrined in a special place in my garage. I've posted my image according to your directions over at my place. I hope it meets with your satisfaction. Glad to see the factory reopened.

ps. why can't anyone comment on the awards post? afraid of attacks from the unfortunate losers?

Dr Zibbs said...

Thank you McGlinch and please bask in your glory as other hide in shame. As for the comments area on the award posting, it's now enabled.