Friday, July 4, 2008

John Smith Falls Asleep After Dart Excitement

First let me say that when "John Smith" got 3 bulls eyes in last nights dart game in Calhoun's garage - I was proud of the rascal. That pride turned to shame when I found out that he fell asleep on Calhoun's garage floor right on top of the newly stenciled Elvis art:

..and as the story goes, Calhoun just left him there, curling up to the letter "V" dreaming of the moment a few weeks ago when the two of them stenciled the floor and their noses brushed briefly. Were there briefs thoughts of homosexual experimentation? Probably. Was he pretending the "V" was Calhoun's back and he was spooning it in an ever so tender way? Probably. All I'm saying is that I am totally straight so don't get any funny ideas.
Also, note in the Elvis picture above the famous chair that is still not completed. Read all about it in this post from days of old.
And lastly, word on the street is that Calhoun threw up in the morning. Nice. Nice.

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