Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fire at Exton Station! Blogger Captures Amazing Photos

Today is July 2, 2008 and there's a fire in West Whiteland's Exton Station. Firstly, I'd like to thank the Fire Fighters for their brave work. And secondly the courage of a person you may know as Dr Zibbs. That's correct, it's me - the CEO of Chester County's That Blue Yak. And I'm giving myself this exclusive interview:

DrZibbs (interviewer): When did you know there was a fire? Were you in danger at anytime?

Dr Zibbs (CEO): Great questions. I was traveling toward the Wawa on Greenhill Road as you can see above. I reached for my blackberry and although I was not eating in the car at the time, I could have been...well..who knows what could have happened.

Dr Zibbs (interviewer): What happened next?

Dr Zibbs: (CEO): I followed the fire engines - I believe one of the West Chester departments to the scene. There were already other stations there.
Dr Zibbs (interviewer): Did you help with the fire or save any lives? Also, what is your background in photography? These photos are breath taking!

Dr Zibbs (CEO): I don't recall - it all happened so quickly. As for the photos, they are something aren't they. I'll probably donate them to a local museum or the Chester County Historical Society. I guess it all depends on what perks I may be offered. You know how those bidding wars can go.
Dr Zibbs (Interviewer): Thanks Dr Zibbs, or should I say, Dr Hero?


Anonymous said...

simply amazing--how is it possible for you to drive a car, take an action photo of the fire and eat a super burger, fries and a coke all at the same time!!!!!By the way, do you have an MD, or Ph.D????

Falwless said...

CNN has this iReporter thing where average citizens can send in their news stories. These pictures should totally be sent in. Especially the second one, with the word "FIRE" and the big arrow. That one is the best.

Also, the last line of this post made me laugh hardest. ".. or should I say, Dr Hero?"

I'm pretty sure I'm falling for you.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hey there Nana Zibbs!! What's shakin` ?? You look awful familiar ..... hmmmm

You should be one of the action news reporters - maybe then I would be entertained AND delivered with the truth. Reporters stink, Nana ROCKS!!!!!!!

You have the very first blogroll that has no blogs I recognize. Are you also in a secret society - besides the surfs :-)

Nice to meet you. I offer a firm and Laurel & Hardy hand shake. Don't be a stranger now.

SpeedyCat Hollydale (Eric)

Some Guy said...

There is definitely something on fire here and I think it's you! I don't mean you are literally aflame, but more in the metaphoric sense. Like, you know how you say someone is "on fire" when they have a continuous streak of above average performance? That's what I mean.

If you don't win the key to the city for your heroism, the whole thing is fixed!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

there was no body in the damn house. nobody had to be saved and the house had been vacant since july 2007.

so dont try and act like a hero. the house wasnt saved its just an effing shell so stop tryin to sound like a big shot. the house is gone the the damned kids that set it on fire are gettin there a**es to jail...