Monday, July 21, 2008

Sea Isle City Funtown Air Conditioned Considers Galaga Wall of Fame

Don't worry readers of my blog. I've arrived safely back in West Chester, PA from my long weekend in Sea Isle City, NJ. I have to say that I'm a great friend and very generous. Unlike some freeloaders, when I stay completely free for 4 days at someones vacation home, I like to even things up by helping out with some of the groceries. So when I heard that they needed a can of beans and paper towels. I was all over it.

The problem was I was to pick up the items at the worst supermarket on the east coast: The Sea Isle Acme on 61st street (next to Uncle Oogies). I waited in the express line for 10 minutes, then the lady in front of me had an issue with a coupon. I'm not kidding that it took the cashier five full minutes (you're reading that correctly FIVE MINUTES) to resolve the problem. I'm not getting that 15 minutes back. It's sounds like not a big deal but with low blood sugar and all???? Also, I had my heart set on drinking beer by 4:30 and it was already 4:00.

When I get pissed, the only way to make myself feel better is to make someone else feel worse. And since it was so hot I thought I'd make it easy on me - by making a kid feel crappy. So I strut myself a few stores down into Funtown Air Conditioned (just look at that photo above - that place is nice). I walked in slowly, then framed myself like I usually do in the doorway. I usually pick up a used cig from the ground outside, then pretending I was smoking it I flick it at the change person. It intimidates the hell out of the greasers.... and the ladies? ...Come on now..
I then confidently walked over to Galaga and hovered over the machine, tapping my quarters on the side. The punk kid playing Galaga had no idea that I was tapping the tune Eye of the Tiger.
"I've been playing this game since 1981. Are you up to the challenge?"
To make a long story short - I got up to level 7. Level 7. Since Galaga doesn't spit out those crappy little arcade tickets, you don't win any prizes but since I got up to a level 7 I was gonna ask the manager if they'd make an exception because I saw the most adorable little ceramic clown that would have made a nice addition to my clown collection. I even named him - "Coney" - because the rascal was sporting a precious cone shaped hat (see him in the picture below - Coney's to the right of those gay ass rabbits and to the left of that ridiculous carousel horse. He's wearing a sharp, red blouse):
It was getting a bit late so I decided to get back to the house. Since I wanted to meet my goal of beer by 4:30, I borrowed this golf cart that someone irresponsibly left the keys in and made my way back to the house (see golf cart in center of pic):
Mission accomplished. Except for getting Coney but I might make my own Coney out of clay. anyway.


Falwless said...

You were going to pick that gay ass clown over the very adorable little mouse in the teacup on the very left? What are you, like, dumb? It's because of his red shirt, isn't it, Commie?

BeckEye said...

Galaga. Pssshhhhh.

You wouldn't last 10 seconds against me in a game of Centipede. No one ever could.

Trukindog said...

I just wanna know if ya made the kid cry cause if not how could you possibly have felt any better?

I used to kick ass on Tempest but I haven't even seen one in many years.

Elizabeth said...

Oh great, I find out the hard way that my stupid Google Reader isn't sending me accurate info for your feeds, so I've been missing your posts.


sybil law said...

Galaga! Hell yes! I even know "Eye of the Tiger"! Sweet!
Funtown sounds FUN!
Minus the creepy clown, although I admit Coney is a nice name.

Mo said...

Coney? Best. Name. Ever.

Good thing I'm never having kids or my child would be the playground punching bag with that peppy little moniker.

Gwen said...

Coney looks like The Tin Man in a Santa suit.

Falwless said...

Hey is that you in the Fun Town picture with your knee-length jean shorts and white socks and mullet holding up the wall next to the official Fun Town Shovel? If so, goddamn you're hot.

Dr Zibbs said...

First of all Falwless, the place is called "Funtown Air Conditioned" as you can see by the sign. Second, all I EVER where when going into an arcade is a black Bad Company t-shirt and jeans

mcglinch said...

you have to admit, falwess did get the mullet-part dead on.

Whiskeymarie said...

Galaga is for pantywastes. I'm with truckindog- Tempest, that there was a video game.

If I get bored today I'll make you a Coney out of a hot dog, a bun and some meaty sauce. Then I'll eat him.

a) that sounded dirty- oops.
b) I'm missing the mark on what sort of "coney" we're discussing, aren't I?

Kartek said...

What!! No skee ball! Glad to see you had a typ Jersey shore outing. It also makes for a great people show.

Liöüx said...


I used to work for ACME Markets, Inc. for, like, ten years. [not that one though].

Worst. Chain. Ever.

Sounds like you had lots of fun in Sea Nisle.

MO said...

I'm finally taking a look-see at your ever so famous blog, to see what all the fuss is about-ha-, so I started from the beginning. I see it wasn't until July of 08 that you actually got your fan-base. Interesting stuff. Anyway, My family would go on vacation just a few blocks away from that arcade...I grew up in playing in that place...of course now I go to DE beaches, but the great memories remain!